I got this frenzied email from one of my best friends last week. “Why does this chick look so much like you? She even has an annoyed look on her face?! This seriously freaked me out. Please let me shop in peace! :)”

Intrigued, I clicked on the Exhibit A link and it was like looking into a mirror — sort of.


Whaaaaat? I screamed first then immediately shoved my laptop in my boyfriend’s face for confirmation that the scream was appropriate.

“Meh,” he shrugged before following up with a requisite, “You’re prettier.” (I swear I wasn’t fishing! This chick is ab fab and not the least bit because she’s rocking my signature bob).


We could be sisters! Or at the very least, first cousins on my mom’s side. I mean despite being what appears to be around my same height, having the same skin tone, the same hair cut and the same smirk, this woman even rocks the same classic dresses I hoard! How weird is that?

So, obviously, I started stalking her. And I, of course, found absolutely nothing besides the pictures of her modeling Soshanna for Saks that creepily followed me via Google Ads to every new page I went to. So she’s sort of stalking me, too, now.

I want us to be best friends because she’s clearly got great taste in genes. Remember when looking exactly like your friends was a prerequisite for hanging out? If the law of attraction can be believed, than the two of us should be totally hot for each other in a heady way. We could finish each other’s sentences, borrow each other’s clothes, brush each other’s bobs into the perfect bowl shape, hate-read “Fifty Shades of Grey” together — and so on and so on. Sounds perfect right?

Or maybe not. We’ve already discussed what a freak I am when it comes to sharing in general and it’s probably safe to assume that same stinginess extends to my face. I hate to blame my life’s ticks on being an only child, but having sisters might have better prepared me for the shock of sharing my likeness with anything other than the mirror. When people say I look like my own sainted mother, I usually balk. Us? No way!

That could explain why I’m low-key obsessed with this girl. What else could we have in common? Does she have a pug named after a jazz legend? Does she hate the word “thoroughfare”? Is her yoga mat just for show, too? I want to know her life because if it’s anything like mine, then who’s to say she won’t show up at my door one day and go, “OK, my turn now!”

Yes, in my mind, life is the setup of “The Parent Trap” with preschool playtime rules.

I know I’m being over the top about this, as I tend to fixate on pointless crap for weeks at a time. But, damn it, if “Selene” (yep) doesn’t make me wonder how many other Helena-a-likes are out there doing stuff like modeling or raising emus for fun and profit. Have they seen pictures of me online and thought, “This bitch,” or, “Let’s start a club”? I’m sure I’ll never know.

Still, every now and then it’s fun to be reminded of the fact that you aren’t as totally unique as you think.


This post originally appeared on XOJane. Republished with permission. Click here for more Helena on XOJane! 

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  • Practically everyone I meet tells me that they know or have seen someone that looks “JUST LIKE YOU!!” So this would not be novel to me. If the person had big eyes and high-ish cheekbones, they were damn near my long lost twin according to my circle of friends and fam, lol

  • Lyshebaaaa

    People stop and ask me if I have a sister ‘so and so’, or if I went to ‘such and such’ university, or if I traveled to ‘blah blah’ place, but I only have brothers, only went to AU and never been to Jordan, or Jamaica.

    One dude stared so intently at me through a window from the outside of a cafe I was at with my friend, that we were both creeped out and I had to ask “Is this man really looking in this window at me?” He TOTALLY was. He walked in asked me if I went to Howard or if I had a sister there.Another time my brothers begged me to watch a youtube video of Malcolm X giving a speech because there was a girl in the audience who looked just like me. She did. At least from that angle. THAT was creepy because I actually saw her. All the other incidents only involve people telling me I look just like someone or actually mistaking me for that person, but I never get to see “April” or whoever.

    But I will say this. Some people aren’t that observant. If you have a few key things in common with another person some careless person will think you look just alike. Like your general body shape, skin tone, hair style, an outstanding feature or two like thick eyebrows, a strong nose, or a toothy grin.

  • Hanaa’

    I’ve been told that I look like rihanna since like 2006 (and so has my sister). Even complete strangers have said it to me. I find it really annoying. It kind of led me to hating rihanna and avoiding every hair style she has/has had, like the plague lol. It’s weird to me because I’ve never found her attractive, but I’ve never thought of myself as unattractive either lol. Paradox

  • RenJennM

    I don’t think I really have doppelgangers because I’ve yet to see or find a woman with the same face AND body type as mine (I rarely meet ANYONE with my body type — which is more similar to Golden Brooks’). But I do have several facial look-a-likes. The women I’m most compared to are Angela Bassett, Lauryn Hill, and Brandy but recently I’ve also been compared to Aunjanue Ellis and Lisa Arrindell Anderson. Brandy is probably my closest doppelganger, but she’s taller than me and a shade or two lighter, so I don’t think she counts.