The Parent Television Council is attacking the popular series for graphic scenes in last week’s episode. The group claims that this type of violence contributes to the media’s negative impact on our children.

“On the very same night that Vice President Joe Biden met with entertainment industry leaders to discuss the issue of media violence and its impact on children, ABC — the television network owned by a company named for Walt Disney — aired an intense, explicit and bloodied torture scene during its show Scandal,” the PTC released in a statement.

It reads, “For nearly three minutes, viewers were subjected to graphic and disturbing scenes of a man struggling to breathe while being waterboarded, his nose being broken and his face beaten into a bloody mess, blood spattering on the walls, and being kicked and beaten into submission.”

The group is referring to opening scene during the show’s winter premiere where Huck, played by Guillermo Diaz, arrested and accused of trying to assassinate the president.

Although there was a content advisory at the beginning of the episode, PTC president Time Winter said, “It’s sickening just how quickly the entertainment industry was able to move past the tragedy of Newtown and get back to business as usual.”

The episode marked Scandal’s highest second season ratings.

Do you agree with the PTC’s criticism? Is the violence shown on Scandal and other TV shows too much?

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  • Is this really the worst the PTC could target? Super Jail is far worse and its animated (with pretty bright colors) so kids are more likely to watch it.

  • Lindsay

    *blink* *blink* … 10.. pm… and the show should cater to children? uh huh.

    all I know is they better FALL BACK from my beloved Scandal! Grown folks are watchin! lol


    I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with Scandal, and I think it’s one of the best shows on primetime right now. I never miss an episode and it’s my choice to watch what’s on TV whether it’s too scandalous or not. I get Scandal and my other shows recorded using my PrimeTime Anytime feature since I work during that time. I upgraded to the DISH Hopper DVR so I can enable the PrimeTime Anytime feature to record all four major networks every night. This has been my favorite feature from my employer DISH to get an amazing TV experience. This only takes up one TV, and it’s one of my favorite features.

  • Lillian

    This show is great and it is a real crack me up. If you think for one minute people are not as scandalous as this show makes them out to be go to the ID channel check out Who the bleep did I marry?, Behind Mansion Walls, Fatal Vows, Deadly Women, Nightmare Next door, Southern Fried Homicide, Fatal encounters and need I go on. Scandal is light weight in terms of what humans are doing to each other in real life every single day. This is a break from the real melodrama on DISID, Get a week full of the real stuff on ID, then see if you call this too scandalous for TV, please.