Jennifer HudsonShould American Idol end while it’s still (slightly) ahead? Jennifer Hudson thinks so!

The season three alum — who has gone on to win a Grammy, Golden Globe and Academy Award —  has offered her advice to American Idol’s producers, saying the show is past its prime and should call it quits.

“I think it should just allow itself to go out on top… and gracefully,” she in a recent interview. “Everything has its time.”

American Idol, which originally aired in 2002, has run for 12 seasons and created superstars like Fantasia Barrino, Jordin Sparks and Kelly Clarkson.

Hudson says the singing-competition show has changed the face of television and not everyone can say that. “It’s always been a phenomenon. I’m proud to have come from American Idol, so I just say, ‘Go out on top,'” she said.

On last night’s episode, new judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj engaged in yet another argument and Nicki stormed off the set.

However, Hudson wouldn’t know because she said she hasn’t tuned in to see the new judges.

“I haven’t really watched this season,” she added. “I am curious to see the judges on the show, from Mariah to Nicki, and I’m not too familiar with anyone else, but I think the public is so used to seeing the faces of Simon, Paula and Randy,” she said. “It’s kind of hard to adjust to new characters.”

Do you agree J-Hud? Do you think  American Idol should just stop with the judge changes and call it quits?

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  • AyGurlAyGurl

    she sed characters… am i the only one that thinks that’s weird? lol

  • Betty

    Jennifer, American Idol exposed you to $$$$! Before you put American Idol down,do you have any new suggestions for those who want to reveal their talent now that you have lost 400lbs?

  • Betty

    When a black person get a dollar past lunch money, they talk too much!

  • Gord Sumner

    This beyotch would be washing dishes in a diner if it wasn’t for IDOL. Weight Watchers? Her back side is wider than the rear end of my car. Do they cut her out of the jeans after removing the stilettos to make her appear tall and skinny? Fifteen minutes are up HUD.