This has been a groundbreaking year for black women in Hollywood from Kerry Washington being the first black woman in 38 years to nab a lead role in a primetime TV series (with “Scandal”) to Quvenzhané Wallis becoming the youngest actress ever nominated for a “Best Actress” Oscar.

Both these remarkable ladies are profiled in W Magazine’s “Best Performances 2013” feature alongside Carmen Ejobo, who played the role of “Sister” in “Sparkle.”

All three take on a unique role for the editorial. Kerry is confident and stylish in a belted lace trench coat with a long ponytail; Carmen shows off her toned frame in a lace boyshorts and a cropped embroidered jacket and Quvenzhané looks like a princess in a Director’s chair with a flowing red dress, a headband and soft curls.

Kerry opens up to the magazine about her role in “Django Unchained,” saying:

“I wouldn’t say I’m drawn to controversy, but I try not to let the fear of controversy get in the way of my decisions,” she tells the ‘zine. “I wasn’t sure I was the right person to play Broomhilda, a slave, in Django. The thing I learned most was the enormous strength it would take any human being to survive the circumstances of slavery, because I barely survived it for pretend. I kept telling Quentin [Tarantino], ‘I’m going to send you my extra therapy bills.’ I was up to twice a week on the phone with my shrink.”

Check out images from the shoot below:

What do you think of Kerry Washington, Quvenzhané Wallis and Carmen Ejogo for W Magazine, Clutchettes?

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  • Wanda

    Kerry is having a very good year.

  • Curious as to why Undercovers and Hawthorne don’t count. Both had black women in lead roles and were prime time shows.

    • Maybe because Undercovers was canceled after a few episodes and Hawthorne was over last year or year before.

      There’s no denying Quvenzhane and Kerry both have had a great year. Happy for both of them.

    • Nadell

      I always pondered that as well. At the time Hawthorne was on TNT, not a major television network as ABC or CBS in which Scandal currently airs on ABC. As short-lived as Undercovers was, that show should have gotten the acknowledgement for history making but it didn’t. I assume because Gugu Mbatha-Raw was 1/2 of the duo and not necessarily the leading character.

    • they said prime time, not major network. If they said major network then I could see excluding Jada. Undercovers lasted a full season and you can have multiple lead characters. Gugu was definitely a lead character. she had top billing.

    • Oops I thought Undercovers got cut. I’ll have to check it out on Netflix, if it’s available. The show should have been history-making if only the hype of what it could have been (having been blessed by the JJAbrams touch) had followed through to a larger, loyal viewership then maybe it’s impact would have lasted longer. I don’t know. I really wanted to like Undercovers but it grew stale really quickly for me. And for others as well. NBC is fickle with its dramatic shows. I’m holding out on Deception, crossing my fingers it won’t get canned sooner than later or hopefully not at all.

  • heide

    The chick in Undercovers was not the lead & Hawthorne aired on TNT which is a basic cable channel not network like ABC, NBC or CBS. The last black actress to have a lead in a network show was Teresa Graves in Get Christie Love in 1974.