snoopdoggfingernail polish

I thought men rocking nail polish was old news (see Dwyane Wade) but the internet has been buzzing since Snoop Dogg posted a picture on Instagram engaging in his favorite green hobby and showing off his French manicure.

Maybe the style of manicure is a new phenomenon on men, but we know plenty of guys who take pride in polishing their nails and have been doing it for years.

It’s important to me that a man pay attention to his nails, keeping them neatly groomed and manicured. Polishes (from clear to darker colors) are optional and not cause for concern.

However, a French manicure pushes the boundaries of what’s acceptable male polish to some people and in Snoop Dogg’s case, it had tongues wagging. His picture received so much attention on Instagram alone it was at 30K likes at the time of this post.

As long as it’s neat and understated, I’m all for men with manicures. Nail art is another conversation though.

What about you, Clutchettes? What do you think of Snoop Dogg’s manicure? Would you embrace French manicures as a new male polish trend?

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