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Actress Meagan Good made her primetime debut on NBC’s Deception last night. She stars alongside Hollywood heart-throb Laz Alonso as Joanna Locasto, a San Francisco narcotics detective who goes undercover inside her wealthy childhood home to solve her friend’s murder.

Good has now joined Scandal star Kerry Washington as the only African-American women to score primetime roles on a leading network. The two shows have received much comparison, but Good set the record straight in a recent interview, saying Deception and Scandal are nothing alike..

Deception gets more scandalous, but it’s not like Scandal,” she said.

“I think this is really different, in the sense that it has all these elements from great shows that people love,” she added, “but it’s really its own thing because of the love triangle, the family drama, the murder mystery, and because this girl is living a double life,”

Despite the naysayers, Good says there’s nothing but love between her and Washington. In fact, the two actresses have been sharing supportive tweets.

“I’m sooooo happy for @MeaganGood and EXCITED for her new show #Deception – LOVE the billboards! Congrats Beautiful :) XO,” Washignton tweeted to her nearly 400,000 followers.

Good responded, “@kerrywashington Wow…. Thank you so much … God is good .. That means a lot to me :) Godbless you and your show is awesome!!!”

She continued, “I’m blown away @ the grace of God. Freaking @kerrywashington tweeted me her support/love -I so respect & admire her. Just means a lot #humbled.”

It looks like Hollywood is looking brighter for black actresses. Congrats to Meagan and Kerry!

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  • Hold.up @ Ask Me, is nothing racist about want to see a black man with a black woman or black woman with a black man, now you may take a passive oreo stance but there’s nothing wrong with what I said and furthermore my statements are for real black women in real brothers,not for “Whoopas” like yourself. good day.

    • Ask_ME

      Refer to the racial slurs YOU used in your original comment. That sir, is racism.

      Referring to black women who sleep with white men as “wenches” is racism (and sexism).

      Terms like “real black women” are prejudice…because who the hell are you to determine someone’s blackness??? Because I don’t share your racism I’m not a “real” black woman???

  • This is true. some so called black women may find white men attractive,and if some on this panel choose to suck on the pink finger that’s their choice.Willie lynch letter is not fake although I wish it were,however once again my views are for real black men and women not for those trying to go along to get along in order to show their book writing savvy.

    • Ask_ME

      Sorry dear, but the Willie Lynch letter IS indeed FAKE. It has been proven to be fake by historians.

      I have no issue with BW/BM couplings on television. I have a problem with people giving the impression that these couples don’t get any shine. That’s a lie. Good, awesome, black couples on television simply don’t get the SAME support as negative black couples.

    • well as I said earlier, my music statements are for real black women real black man, obviously you’re a little younger, as far as Willie Lynch you proving that yourself as a product. the majority of historians that you probably saw that out we’re caucasian. never the less I see that you have no clue or experience in “Oratory” which is simply saying a lot in a little bit. so it’s time for me to go on to the next discussion before I forget an approach you in a whole different manner. Blessings.

    • Ask_ME

      @Gary Shumlai

      “the majority of historians that you probably saw that out we’re caucasian.”

      Actually no. The main opponent of the Willie Lynch Letter was a black man by the name of William Jelani Cobb…google him.

    • The Other Jess

      oh dear…who is this weirdo?

    • The Other Jess

      meaning “shumlai” a.k.a. weirdo

    • I’m no weirdo poor patty Pecka wood, I simply don’t see anything wrong with a black woman being in the arms of a black man.

    • Jo Ca

      black love is wack

  • Val

    “Why is it now a problem with the character Olivia Pope???”

    No, it’s not just that character. That show is just often highlighted on this site.

    Anyway, my real point is that there is not much balance. I really don’t mind seeing IR couples on TV, be they BM/ WW or BW/ WM or other, I’d just like to see Black couples as well.

    • Ask_ME

      But do you see my point about positive black couples not getting support from black audiences???

      My husband (white) and I watch Let’s Stay Together. We both enjoy the show. I have tried to get my black female friends to watch it with their BLACK husbands. They all say the same thing: “I can’t get into it. The show is boring.”

      They said the same thing about Reed Between The Lines. However, these same friends are hosting “Scandal Parties” and enjoy watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

      How will positive black couples on television survive if black people don’t support them?

    • Val


      Well, I think part of the problem is lack of variety. There really aren’t many shows featuring loving Black couples on TV. You mention two shows, what if those don’t happen to be good shows?

      I think the real answer is having a variety of shows; Drama, comedy and in between. Generally Black couples are only featured on comedies. And honestly most comedies these days aren’t great. Lol.

      Until we own and control TV outlets we will always have problems finding the balance most of us would like.