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Last week on Rachel Maddow’s show, Newark Mayor Cory Booker promoted his jewelry line, “The Caliber Collection.” The bracelets, with prices ranging from $175-375, are made from the metal of 250 guns and bullet casings seized by the Newark Police Department.

Booker teamed up with jewelry designer Jessica Mindich to repurpose guns secured from Newark’s buy-back program. The bracelets are made from metal from 250 guns and bullet casings seized by the Newark Police Department.

Booker told Maddow that “a large percentage of the proceeds go to more gun buy-backs in Newark.” Each bracelet has the serial number of a seized gun, as well as the word “NEWARK,” etched on its side. The jewelry line program, Booker said on Maddow, transforms weapons into “an instrument of peace.”

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“We spent a lot of time talking about specifics,” Mindich told the New York Daily News. “He was very clear about not wanting to see negative imagery, not wanting to see handcuffs, guns, angry imagery.” Each piece is handmade and no two pieces are exactly alike, according to Caliber’s website.

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While he knows the program isn’t a cure-all, Booker told Maddow he believes the jewelry is a small step toward mending the city’s issues with gun violence.

“Everybody has the power to do something little,” he said. “Something small and to make a difference.”

Do you think Mayor Booker’s program is a good idea?

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  • Chains

    There is an overwhelming irony in weapons siezed by a government being turned into chains that the populace willfully lays upon their wrists.