Quvenzhané Wallis Talks Style with Andre Leon

The fashion industry is buzzing about Quvenzhané Wallis, the youngest actress ever nominated for a best actress Oscar. Fashion journalists vacillate between praising Wallis for her tremendous accomplishment to speculating about what a nine year-old might wear to the biggest awards show in Hollywood.

For a child who has yet to celebrate her tenth birthday, Wallis has a great deal of evolved personal style. In fact, the promising young actress says “fashion is [her] kryptonite” quoting a Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman song.

As for her outfit on the big night, she adorably tells Andre Leon Talley it won’t be floor-length (to avoid trips). No matter what she wears, her historic nomination and highly-anticipated appearance on the red carpet will make us all proud.

Check out the video interview below:


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  • omfg

    mom’s done a great job raising her little girl. she’s smart, well-spoken, expressive and well-mannered. she carries herself so well despite all of this attention.

    kudos to her mom.

    • AM

      and dad.

    • omfg

      i’ve only seen her mother. is he around?

    • sisterdeie

      I think he works & cares for the others while mom travels with baby girl.

  • NY’s Finest

    She’s so adorable.

  • Umm wow

    My heart can’t even take this! What a cutie. I just hope she has alot of time to still be a kid even with all of her incredible success at this age.

  • Overseas_Honeybee

    Love her. Too cute. Especially love the fact that she LOOKS like a little girl.

  • Deb

    She’s so precious and her parents have done an amazing job like others have said. Parents and family, please shield and keep this precious child close at all times if you want her to continue acting in Hollywood. Don’t caught get up in the honey Hollywood is pouring over her right now, it’s an extremely fickle place that also demands very steep sacrifices for success.