Though “Django Unchained” is doing extraordinary well at the box office, not everyone took kindly to Director Quentin Tarantino’s decision to turn slavery into a Western film. Many thought the movie’s witty dialogue, comic relief by way of chatty Ku Klux Klan members and sensationalist ending trivialized one the most traumatic period in American history. But even the harshest critics of the film didn’t see this coming.

Tarantino is now selling slave action figures from the movie, including slave characters “Django” (Jamie Foxx) and “Stephen” (Samuel L. Jackson).

According to The Daily Beast:

Last fall, the National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc. (NECA), in tandem with the Weinstein Company, announced a full line of consumer products based on characters from the movie. First up are pose-able eight-inch action figures with tailored clothing, weaponry, and accessories in the likeness of characters played by Foxx, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Remar and Christoph Waltz. The dolls are currently on sale via

The slave action figures have drawn ire among people who feel it’s offensive and morally reprehensible to imagine slaves as toys for children to play with. To be fair, there were action figures for the “Kill Bill” films but as The Daily Beast‘s Karu Daniels writes: “those seem better suited for commercial pursuits.” These toys desensitize people and more specifically, children to the horrific institution of slavery much like Tarantino’s comedic film did, some will argue.

What do you think of “Django Unchained” slave action figures, Clutchettes?

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    The fact they made these dolls I guess the rate of white people adopting Africans and stolen Africans (African Americans) will decrease.

  • steve

    i want a django action figure , does it come with whip scars on his back .

    but seriously i dont have a problem with django or even the doctor action figure, but a stephen and broomhilda is not cool

    • steve

      also something people need to take into account the action figures market is geared toward adults who collect these items. and i will bet this is who its is geared towards . ( ex google mcfarlane toys) which are not for kids

  • Get Free

    these aren’t for children, though.

    great movie and it will be talked about for years to come.

    i’ll probably grab these.

  • dee

    So I saw Django last night and I was very hesitant because white people were way too hype about it. I tend to be weary of any movie when the main plot point is oppression and white people rave about it.

    After seeing it I’m not sure how I feel about it.

    I know the majority of people buying these toys are going to white, and this is too much like them having slave memorabilia in there house. I’m not here for that.

    If it was just the heroes of the story, Django and Schultz, I don’t think i’d be as bothered by it.

    • Yb

      My friend watched it and said she was uncomfortable with how white people chuckled when the “N” word was said and when slaves were whipped. She said some even howled in laughter watching the black slave get smashed with the hammer and reveled in delight and fascination when Leo Dicaprio smeared blood in Kerry’s face.

      I would of felt like I was in the Twilight Zone sitting in that theater. I wouldn’t have come out sane if I had to sit through 2 hours of listening to white people laugh and the physical and verbal abuse of my people.

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