Rupert MurdochAs great as it is, Twitter is the worst thing that ever happened to people in the public eye, and unfortunately they keep having to learn that lesson the hard way.  Case in point Rupert Murdoch.  The 81-year-old uber wealthy founder, Chairman, and CEO of global media holding company News Corporation, clearly hasn’t learned anything from his years in media and decided to hit Twitter with his two cents on a story about a woman who, last week, fell through a New York City sidewalk.

Ulanda Williams, a 32-year-old social worker who weighs 400 pounds and is 6’5,” fell six feet into a basement, breaking her arm.  Considering at Mr. Murdoch’s own paper broke the story you would think he would be compassionate, but instead he let the word in on his compassionless ignorance when he tweeted this:

“How did fat lady who fell thru street get to 400 lbs? Welfare, stamps, etc? Then leave us all with 20yrs immense health bills.”

Then, like most famous who realize that their PR team should be handling their Twitter account while they zip their mouths, he unsuccessfully attempted to clarify his statement saying:

“Did not mean to be unsympathetic to 400 lb lady, but fact remains unhealthy eating by rich and poor driving up premiums for all.”

Really Rupert?  Really?

So welfare and food stamps are the blame for the big black woman’s fall?  No elitist racist logic going on there.  Then to follow it up with a comment about healthcare premiums when he probably can’t even remember the last time he worried about a co-pay is definitely a great way to prove that you are ‘just like us.’  Of course this isn’t the first time dear old Rupert has but his foot in his mouth.  Just two months ago he had a question for the “Jewish owned press” and managed to piss yet another group of people caught in the crosshairs of his ignorance.

Clearly, this man needs to do three things: one, come down off his mighty throne and join the real world for a change.  Not every black person is on welfare down here, actually more white people are so maybe he wants to save his premium speech for them.   Two, stay the hell off of Twitter.  We got enough nut cases out here spewing hate and ignorance; we don’t need any more from the likes of him.   And three, pray that the black nurse or doctor that attends to him when his old ass needs elder care is more compassionate than he is and less worried about their premiums going up, otherwise using his logic, poor Rupert might don’t make it.

What do you think about Rupert Murdoch’s comments?

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