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Last night I did my usual. You know, sit perfectly still, glued to ABC’s hit series Scandal with the only allowed distraction being my phone so I could tweet along with millions of other ‘Gladiators.’ For 60 minutes I watched in awe, cursing at the screen and tweeting my frustrations like everyone else. During the last few minutes of the show Ms. Shonda did what she always does, she left us with a few “Oh hell nah!” moments to hang on to until the next episode. This week’s moment? The dangerously delicious President Fitz asked his wife, the woman we love to hate, Mellie, for a divorce.

At least 20 “Oh s*#t” moments popped up on my screen.

Since this is Scandal I expected as much. What I didn’t expect was the backlash from women claiming they were disgusted with Sexy Prez Fitz for telling his forever pregnant wife that if he could have anything in the world, he would want a divorce. Women on my timeline were angry. “How dare he?” they asked. “She is pregnant with his child and stuck by him through a coma! I would beat his ass!” they screamed.

Personally, I didn’t see the problem.

Was I shocked? Sure! With all the back and forth on the show, the last thing I saw coming was that. However, as anyone who watches the show could tell you, Fitz and Mellie aren’t exactly head over heels in love with each other. Their marriage is a very obvious and pretty much stated business agreement. No doubt there is some love, but love the way it is supposed to be? Hell no. So asking for a divorce instead of playing the game is the right thing to do. Sure, your wife being ready to explode with fetus isn’t the best timing, but, is there ever a good time to end your marriage?

Let’s take this out of television land for a minute.

The reality is it could be the sunniest day of your favorite month, during the best year of your life, minutes after you won the lottery, got a promotion from your dream job and heard from God himself that you and no one you love would ever suffer, get sick or die, ever, and it still wouldn’t be a good time for your partner to tell you they want a divorce. Sure being told while you’re pregnant sucks, but would it be better to digest after the birth while you’re at home nursing? It would seem like a stroke of bad luck to learn about your impending divorce after losing your job, but would having a new one really take away the pain?

If you ask anyone who has had to be the one to deliver the news of the “D word,” I’m sure they will tell you they agonized over when, where and how to do it. Should they wait until the kids went to college? After they pay off the credit cards? Before the next wedding anniversary? A few months after a parent is buried? After that big birthday celebration? Telling someone you’re no longer in love with them enough to stay with them forever is never easy and no matter when it’s done the ish still hurts. Bad. There is never a good time to turn your life upside down or to break someone’s heart and if you try to find it, all that will end up happening is that you will be waiting forever and your heart will end up the one that gets broken. Broken slowly as you wait and dream about a moment and life that will never happen.

So as much as it sucks that Sexy Prez Fitz, or anyone for that matter, would tell his pregnant wife that he wants a divorce, I can’t be mad at the timing because there is never going to be a good time. But damn if it doesn’t make for a good Scandal though.

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  • stef

    Im sorry as much as i like scandal, I sometimes wish this was a sexy black prez who has two kids ,a pregnant ambitious black wife . and he was cheating or in love with the beautiful white woman, so i could be entertained by the hatred this show would have generated.

    I SMH when i think about the hypocrisy .

    • ASK_ME

      Ummm the show “24” had a black prez with a black wife. He cheated on her with a white woman. I don’t recall the sea of hatred from viewers…not like that of Scandal. Try again.

    • Job

      Actually that’s not true. He divorced his wife for trying to get him involved in a sex scandal and undermine his campaign in Season 1. He had a white girlfriend in Season 3. Stop making up garbage.

    • ASK_ME

      Sorry, got my characters mixed up. It was Jack that had an affair. But still…I wish some of you insecure folks would wake up to the reality that this is ALL FICTION. No need to scream hypocrisy because you don’t like the fact that black women are talking about this show and the FICTIONAL affair between a black woman and a white man.

    • stef

      wow i forgot about that stand corrected

    • Pseudonym

      Can’t do a black President on TV for a while. If they had a black president, everyone would be up in arms complaining that the show was making implications about Obama. Definitely a smart move to cast a white president on Scandal.

  • ASK_ME

    Does anyone believe they can blame the voting scandal on Hollis, who has enough money to buy his way out of trouble?

  • Cocochanel31

    never a good time. why prolong the inevitable..best to keep it real.

    • This! When it comes to situations like these I live by the motto… ”like a Band-Aid.” Just rip it off and let the chips fall where they may, because there is NEVER a right time to break someone’s heart, hurt them or change their world. Just do it with tact and grace while being blunt but understanding at the same time.

  • Sue

    Fitz does not seem to be himself, recall the moments when he pauses for a long time before speaking e.g Cabinet meeting, press conference. He can’t find the words-the doctor called it aphasia. She also said some people have personality changes after such trauma to the head. I’m thinking asking for the divorce when he did is part of the “new” Fitz after the injury. His normal self would have continued to keep up appearances with his wife. And will it affect the decision making in his role as president?This twist certainly adds to the intrigue in the story, wonder what will happen next!

  • ASouthernAfrica

    Haven’t seen Scandal since about halfway through season 1; but it confirms something that I thought at the time.

    The President is an awful human being, and the writers are trying way too hard to make his and the female leads affair something other than what it is.

    • mr.vicious

      a rose by any other name is still a rose…