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We see them every day, magazine covers with beautiful faces lining newsstands across the globe. From ELLE to VOGUE and beyond, the faces that grace these magazine covers are everything they should be, they are successful, good-looking and well-known. The one thing these faces are not, however, is the faces of models.

We are long gone from the days when only models had the privilege of being seen on magazine covers. It was an honor bestowed on a select few, the elite, those who had earned the moment…supermodels. Today, models must fight for cover space with not only each other, but actors, actresses, rappers, singers and even a few average Joes. Basically, anyone and everyone who isn’t a model.

But Supermodel Naomi Campbell feels it’s time to change all that.

Naomi “I Got Legs For Days And Run Circles Around Chicks On Runways” Campbell, has long been celebrated for her history making moves in the fashion world. Recently Naomi sat down for an interview with Celebuzz to discuss her new reality show The Face and the current state of the modeling industry. During the interview Naomi let the world know that she feels it’s time for models to reclaim the print modeling industry, rather than just be a face on the fashion runway.

Naomi says:

“When I started modeling, there was a separation of girls that did shows and girls that did print. And my generation did both. That’s when it changed. Of course, we want the magazine covers back. Of course, we do. There are less covers for the girls out there who are the new, young, trendy girls. She’s got more to compete with and there are only a certain amount of covers they’re going to give a model a year. Before, you had models twelve months a year.”

As the executive producer of The Face, which premieres February 12th on Oxygen, Naomi hopes that the up and coming female models she features will usher in a new Supermodel Era and said her show definitely helps prepare them for that.

“I’m a tough love coach. I give encouragement and praise to my girls, but I also tell them when things are not right and they need to change them,” Campbell continued. “I don’t want to candy coat anything for them. They need to know the truth, because we’re not going to be there holding their hand when they go into the real world.”

Do you think it’s time for models to reclaim magazine covers? Do non-models make magazines more interesting?

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