Back when I first signed on as xoJane’s Contributing Beauty & Health Editor, so many of you remarked about how much you loved my red lipstick, and I promised I’d get around to sharing what it is and how I do it. Six months later, I’m making good on my word.

Here’s the thing: It’s not one lip color — it’s TWO. Double-duty beauty! (I hate that. Let’s go with “Double Whammy!”)




Clarins + Sephora = One sexy red lip!

That’s Clarins Joli Rouge in Clarins Red #716 ($24.50 at, topped off with Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red ($12 at to be exact.

I layer lip color for a few reasons:

1) Two is better than one when it comes to longevity. I hate taking time out of my busy schedule for mid-day touch-ups, so if there’s anything I can do to prolong my look, I’m so into it.

2) Since I deeply despise dry, chapped lips, but wholeheartedly love matte lips, I apply this creamy, moisturizing lipstick first, then apply the liquid mattifying color on top. It gives me the exact look I want without making me feel like my lips are going to shrivel up and (dry!) die right on my pretty little face.

3) I like playing makeup mixologist in general. (Not just with lipstick — with eye shadow, foundation and blush, as well.) Going that extra step to personalize your makeup can really amplify your overall look. There are so many skin tone/undertone combinations out there; it baffles me that women often assume that just because that one shade looks OK, it’ll work. We don’t want OK, and we don’t want it to just work — we want PERFECT. Take control of your look and play around with your stash to see what combinations work best for YOU.


My nephew HATES red lipstick. But everyone else seems to love it.

Come kick it with me and my rich red lips over on Twitter:@IndiaJewelJax.


This post originally appeared on XOJane. Republished with permission. Click here for more  India-Jewel on XOJane! 

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  • Jenae

    I love Sephora’s Always Red! I mix it with MAC’s Chestnut lip liner pencil to make it a deeper red.