I wouldn’t be on my pop-culture duty if I ignored the news of Kim Kardashian being preggers by Kanye West. In case you’ve just emerged from an Internet dead-zone, on December 30, West announced Kardashian was preggers at his Atlantic City concert. Kardashian’s boyfriend/”misteress” told the crowd to “make noise for my baby mama.”

This is one of those subjects I want to continue to ignore — mostly because it just seems wrong to say anything but “Congratulations!” That said, l feel compelled to weigh in since news of the KimYe spawn hijacked Twitter for 2-3 hours on Sunday night. Unsurprisingly, Twitter went all-the-way-in dragging Kim for her life. It. Got. Ugly. I won’t go that far. Pinky swear.

I do want you to know I really tried to write about double standards, like how Kim Kardashian is called “a whore” for dating a bunch of guys. And yet, Carlos Walker — sorry, I’m not calling a grown man “Shawty Lo” — can impregnate 10 women and somehow escape that label. It’s a worthy point, but it wasn’t what I really wanted to say. This is:

1. This relationship was a bad idea from the start
Recall the chatter of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode where Kanye threw out nearly all of Kim’s clothes? No “good for you” dude wants you to re-haul your entire image to be with him. To make it worse, Kim dressed and looked better before Ye came around.

The more important reason though … Kim was/is married.

2. What in the hell was Kim thinking?
Her marriage to Kris Humphries was likely a hoax/ratings ploy. Somehow, I don’t think the ongoing divorce battle was part of the plan.

It’s just plain sloppy to enter another relationship when the previous one isn’t done. (And even sloppier to bring a kid into that situation.) I know ratings and attention are everything in reality TV world, but the line has to be drawn somewhere, especially on issues that actually affect other (little) people.

3. Uh … What in hell was Yeezy thinking?
I don’t ask that because of Kim’s dating or sexual history. She was unmarried from around 20-30. Dating is what she was supposed to be doing since she wanted to be married again.

I’m wondering what Yeezie was thinking because of Kardashian’s married present. Dating a married woman? Bad enough. Getting her pregnant? Bad. Real bad. Joe Jackson.

Kanye’s always come off as the uncomfy-in-his-skin suburban kid who wanted to be down with the streets. The conflict is responsible for some of his best music. But from what we see of his personal life, he often seems like he’s trying to prove something, and he usually goes way too far — like publicly dissing his exes and “defending Beyonce’s honor” by running up on Taylor Swift. His most rebellious actions have come across like sucker moves. This one does too.

4. The double-standards for non-Black, famous women are appalling
Fantasia became pregnant by a married man, and she was eaten alive for it. I know Kim is not going to get Fantasia’s scourge-of-humanity treatment because she isn’t Black. Kim’s prettiness, non-Blackness, and her extraordinary fame are not only going to minimize the fall out, but this classic Maury behavior is going to boost her brand. Expect this KimYe baby news to make the cover of every tabloid for weeks to come. Oh, and a Kardashian maternity line coming soon.

5. 808s & Heartbreak II will be epic
Old folks got a saying, “how you finish is how you start.” I believe them (see Point 1). For the sake of the forthcoming KimYe child, I hope this relationship works out – either as a marriage or an amicable co-parenting situation — but I just don’t see it. I do look forward to the album though, even if the content will likely be better suited for a therapist than the public masses.

6. I wish their kid the best
I mean that sincerely. Some people reproduce and I think, “they’ll be fine!” as parents. Others? You really worry about that kid. Kanye’s a self-proclaimed “international asshole.” And well, Kim? Well, she’s Kim and motivated by fame. Let’s hope the responsibility of parenthood changes these two for the better. And if not? Thankfully, the KimYe spawn one will have the best nannies, and if necessary, therapy, that money can buy.

Oh, and Aunt Khloe, who is by far the sanest Kardashian.

Demetria L. Lucas is the author of A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-to Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life (Atria) in stores now. Follow her on Twitter @abelleinbk

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  • Rakel

    My un PC thoughts are: What a blessing for them. Sure hope they don’t eff that baby’s life up with all their nonsense (they pbly will tho), damn I can’t wait til that child is here and over a year so everybody can stop talking about it. I’m done and trying to stay far away from this convo lol.

  • Ask_ME

    Just wish them well and call it a day. I personally could care less what either of these people do. I feel sorry for their unborn child. Life won’t be easy for him/her (aside from financially). Again, wish them well and keep it moving. This is not “our” problem.

    • I got sense!

      What child will life be easy for?

    • stellaxo

      i think she means that the child won’t have a ‘normal’ childhood, resulting in having very few people to relate to, and possibly fewer to trust? money isn’t everything, and there’s a reason that some of the wealthiest heirs are seen in and out of rehab centers. it takes a village to raise a child, and most of the kardashians & kanye don’t *seem* so stable/grounded. oh, and there’s that sex tape kim made with another man besides the father of the child.. but who knows?! it could turn out well. maybe. possibly! agreed with the ‘this is not our problem’ statement above. i think i can withstand maybe two more kimye posts and i will be OVER IT. 2013 is more than this -__-

  • Smilez_920

    Agreed. But hey they have money they’ll be fine, Kim will still be Kim, Kanye and will continue his on- going internal fued with Jay-Z.

    While there is a double standard for non-black women, fantasia situation is different than Kim’s. Fantasia was the mistress who looked like she broke up the happy home of the guy from the T-Mobile store. That man made her look like a fool qhen he got back with his wife and they tored to eg money out of her.

    Honestly when Kim got married most of us knew it was a scam, I mean most didnt even consider her a wife just a Hollywood bride. She’s legally separated and working on a divorce. I mean not saying its right or wrong but one situation is easier to turn into a cute story than the other .

    • Marcia

      Exactly about the differences between Fantasia and Kimmy. Totally different situation. Kim is separated and actively working on the divorce. Fantasia was involved in a very sketchy situation. I think it has little to nothing to do with looks or otherness.

    • Kia

      Just a sidenote…ppl knocked the winner from Sundays Best…Leandria JOhnson when she got pregnant with her 4th child.

  • isolde3

    And to think, I was keeping my fingers crossed with the hopes that Kim’s pregnancy wouldn’t be covered here, seeing as that the only reason Kim K gets press on the black inter-webs is because she sleeps with famous, black men. Oh well.

    • This! I wish sites geared towards black women stop giving shine to famous black men ans their non-black girlfriends/wives because the story never usually ends well…I left these two in 2012 let’s not give them press in 2013 unless it is something worthy of press conceiving a child while still married isn’t nothing news worthy. As with all babies I wish their the best and hopeful future but as for the parents…..

    • Chillyroad

      200 comments before the clock strikes 12;00 on the west coast. It ain’t all about Kim sexing famous brothers but black women’s interest in it. Kanye shrug…

    • unpc

      The obsession blacks (in general) have with this woman is sickening.

      She has famous black men drooling over her and your avg black men wanting to eff her.

      And she’s got black women wanting to be her (because black men want to eff her. ) This chick’s got BW spending hundreds on Kim Kardashian lace fronts and my naturally curvy sisters
      injecting and ingesting illegal substances so their behinds can serve as coasters as well.

      Self hatred at its best.

    • THe Comment

      I don’t understand the obsession either. The Fashion Bomb Daily….worships this chick. All black web sites cover KK errrrrrday.

      It reminds me of little black girls playing with white or mixed girls hair wishing it were theirs. With no intervention…it grows into self hatred.

      I completely agree with what you said…..this obsession with this woman is sicking.

    • __A

      @unpc – Thank you! This is the best comment I’ve seen. The Kardashians went to North Miami and were given the keys to the city. The mayor was black. There were a bunch of black people in the audience as well, and they had some black violinists playing music for them. I was blown away.

      White people think these women are TRASH, but black people put them on a pedestal as if they’re the most important people in the black community. It’s sick. It just shows how much black people are always looking for validation by non-blacks. Kim and Khloe are with black men, so black people see this as acceptance. These women are “down.” It’s just like that incident with Gwyneth Paltrow saying the n-word and those idiots jumping up to defend her. Dummies.

      Hasn’t Beyonce been running around with a shapely figure for all these years? Aren’t there lots of famous shapely black women? But now Kim K is what women are aspiring to be. I don’t even know what to say about how so many black men have put this woman on a pedestal and how so many black women want to be like her and support her by constantly talking about her and watching her show. It’s so pathetic.

    • JN

      I honestly think that BOTH white women AND Black women dislike Kim K equally. Look at People Mag, TMZ, and even (GASP!) CNN.

    • @JN
      Don’t count out white men either.
      I have heard some things about her from white men, via direct communication or through cases of eavesdropping.

    • Agreed unpc,_A and mostly everyone else! Some people think black people’s, particularly black women’s, opinions of Kim K. and company is mean but if you ever visit white media sites the comments regarding her and her family is straight up harsh! I’ am talking about Mortal Kombat…FINISH THEM….harsh…lol I never understood why our media and entertainment give non-black individuals a so called “black” pass or “close enough” pass. I might be naïve here but I rarely see other cultures give outsiders a pass or let them monopolize a huge section of their pop-culture even if the person has some racial or culture background from said culture..,*thinking about all our biracial stars in Hollywood”. So Kim K. well mainly Kris Jenner isn’t stupid she knows her audience and works them well when it comes to the Kardashian women because her daughters with Bruce is not being thrown into our media but the white media especially the one that is trying to be a model. So this that makes you go hmm….

    • The Other Jess

      ummm sorry, but Kardashian wears a lace front herself, so Black women are not copying her. And only trashy Black men drool over her diseased a*s. Most Black woman of substance have ZERO desire to look like the filth that is Kim K. Keep telling yourself that Black women want to look like KK just to make yourself feel important, but we don’t. Clutch sucks. Sad but true

    • Keepitreal

      I didn’t hear about this shrug worthy news until this morning while listening to a classic oldies music station and IDGAF It irks my very being at how much press and adoration she gets on black websites. Getting fucked on tape = idol status as long as you’re an ABB, anything but black, woman, that is. What vexes me is these same people ooohing and aahhing over this Trashian are the same ones who spew venom towards black women who do far less. I’ve always been an ardent observer and I’ve noticed this unsettling behavior on various black forums, black women and the men who troll BW sites idolizing ABB while putting down black women left and right. It seems the negative press/portrayal is being internalized. It’s not shocking to see that war on BW has produced the first generation of Stockholm syndrome victims but it’s still disheartening.

    • Rochelle

      OMG. This is so true. I just don’t understand it. I mean what is it with this woman? I went to a new hairdresser 3 times. EVERY SINGLE TIME this woman’s name was mentioned in chatter. Besides the sucky service I had to stop going there because of it. LOL. I don’t get it. I just don’t I don’t watch their show and I am generally unaffected by them. I don’t understand black woman’s oppession with her. I think you are right. They probably just want to be her. So sad. I think blk people keep them in the news as well. I mean her show did not get nearly as much ratings as say Jersey Shore (which I love), but you don’t see JS on blk blogs. Why is that? Because blks worship this lady and keep her on their sites and in the news. I think she is trashy. I mean. Kanye is a big star and the best he can get is a girl that made a sex tape. That is the best the blk man can get in his prize white woman? Think about that…. Kanye is no prize himself but you would think he would aim for at least an educated woman since his mother was a DR. oh well.

    • Rochelle

      I really think the only reason Kim is so in tune with blks is because they are the only ones that will accpet her in hollywood. Blk people put her on a pedastal. No rich white man would want this woman. She even tried to get at Tim Tebow. He wasnt interested. He said he wanted a more “saintly” woman. But she is ok for any rich and famous blk man. Think about that.

      Kinda like boxer Jack Johnson back in the day, He had relationships with white women. He thought he was the man. Today blk men think he was a no holds bar boxer who did what he wanted in and outside the ring. A true bad ass that threw his relationships and money in white people’s face. But all his white wives were hookers and he beat one so badly she killed herself. The best the rich blk man could get was a white hooker. That was his prize and it still is today. LOL. Sad

    • THe Comment

      In defense of Jackson, dating white women was not so much a preference (like it is today with black men). I saw it more that it was what ever would make yt’s head explode. He was really going for the jugular. However I agree with ur correlation to both men dating down.

    • Chillyroad


      Considering how taboo the relationships between black men and white women have been I’m going to have to give your comment the side eye. I find it highly convenient that all of Johnsons wives were prostitutes when his white male detractors were trying to get him charged with violation of the Mann Act. But I guess you’re right. No respectable white women would be with a black man so she must either a hooker or a victim of rape.

      You would fit right in with the lynch mob and probably thought Emmet Till got what he deserved. Smdh.

    • MimiLuvs

      @isolde3 and to every one else:
      I thoroughly agree with you.
      She is not mention as much on the blogs, where the majority of the fan base are non-black people.

    • now you know that wasn’t gonna happen..

      for some reason black websites are OBSESSED with the kardashians. i wouldn’t mind if they would cover other non black celebrities but they never do.MAYBE coco, but other than that, no.

  • Yb

    *Questions Clutch’s motive a in posting this*

    I can’t tell anyone how to live, and more importantly its not my problem. I never disliked Kim because I’m not a fan of slut shaming (not a fan, but don’t hate her). It’s Kanye whom I dislike. But hopefully they have a great union together. I say congrats to them.

    S/D: I wonder what’s going to happen if the baby comes out looking more…. *ahem* you know what I mean, then some people expect.

    • Val


      You already know the motive behind posting this. It’s the same old Black man with White woman let’s rile up the Black women post that we have now seen dozens of times. And will see dozens more times.

    • Please

      So if Clutch doesn’t post it then it doesn’t exist? When has the good old head in the sand routine worked? RMFE

    • @Please:
      It has been proven time and time again that whenever Clutch posts articles about IR dating, there is always 150+ comments from the readers. It’s guaranteed to have people visiting the article.
      It’s like Maury with his paternity test shows.

    • what does not liking kim have to do with slut shaming? here people go again with throwing slut shaming into the mix for no reason.

      so because people are annoyed that someone is getting so umch constant press for no reason and have 20 pointless reality shows then that = slut shaming?? HUH?? i’m confused.