I wouldn’t be on my pop-culture duty if I ignored the news of Kim Kardashian being preggers by Kanye West. In case you’ve just emerged from an Internet dead-zone, on December 30, West announced Kardashian was preggers at his Atlantic City concert. Kardashian’s boyfriend/”misteress” told the crowd to “make noise for my baby mama.”

This is one of those subjects I want to continue to ignore — mostly because it just seems wrong to say anything but “Congratulations!” That said, l feel compelled to weigh in since news of the KimYe spawn hijacked Twitter for 2-3 hours on Sunday night. Unsurprisingly, Twitter went all-the-way-in dragging Kim for her life. It. Got. Ugly. I won’t go that far. Pinky swear.

I do want you to know I really tried to write about double standards, like how Kim Kardashian is called “a whore” for dating a bunch of guys. And yet, Carlos Walker — sorry, I’m not calling a grown man “Shawty Lo” — can impregnate 10 women and somehow escape that label. It’s a worthy point, but it wasn’t what I really wanted to say. This is:

1. This relationship was a bad idea from the start
Recall the chatter of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode where Kanye threw out nearly all of Kim’s clothes? No “good for you” dude wants you to re-haul your entire image to be with him. To make it worse, Kim dressed and looked better before Ye came around.

The more important reason though … Kim was/is married.

2. What in the hell was Kim thinking?
Her marriage to Kris Humphries was likely a hoax/ratings ploy. Somehow, I don’t think the ongoing divorce battle was part of the plan.

It’s just plain sloppy to enter another relationship when the previous one isn’t done. (And even sloppier to bring a kid into that situation.) I know ratings and attention are everything in reality TV world, but the line has to be drawn somewhere, especially on issues that actually affect other (little) people.

3. Uh … What in hell was Yeezy thinking?
I don’t ask that because of Kim’s dating or sexual history. She was unmarried from around 20-30. Dating is what she was supposed to be doing since she wanted to be married again.

I’m wondering what Yeezie was thinking because of Kardashian’s married present. Dating a married woman? Bad enough. Getting her pregnant? Bad. Real bad. Joe Jackson.

Kanye’s always come off as the uncomfy-in-his-skin suburban kid who wanted to be down with the streets. The conflict is responsible for some of his best music. But from what we see of his personal life, he often seems like he’s trying to prove something, and he usually goes way too far — like publicly dissing his exes and “defending Beyonce’s honor” by running up on Taylor Swift. His most rebellious actions have come across like sucker moves. This one does too.

4. The double-standards for non-Black, famous women are appalling
Fantasia became pregnant by a married man, and she was eaten alive for it. I know Kim is not going to get Fantasia’s scourge-of-humanity treatment because she isn’t Black. Kim’s prettiness, non-Blackness, and her extraordinary fame are not only going to minimize the fall out, but this classic Maury behavior is going to boost her brand. Expect this KimYe baby news to make the cover of every tabloid for weeks to come. Oh, and a Kardashian maternity line coming soon.

5. 808s & Heartbreak II will be epic
Old folks got a saying, “how you finish is how you start.” I believe them (see Point 1). For the sake of the forthcoming KimYe child, I hope this relationship works out – either as a marriage or an amicable co-parenting situation — but I just don’t see it. I do look forward to the album though, even if the content will likely be better suited for a therapist than the public masses.

6. I wish their kid the best
I mean that sincerely. Some people reproduce and I think, “they’ll be fine!” as parents. Others? You really worry about that kid. Kanye’s a self-proclaimed “international asshole.” And well, Kim? Well, she’s Kim and motivated by fame. Let’s hope the responsibility of parenthood changes these two for the better. And if not? Thankfully, the KimYe spawn one will have the best nannies, and if necessary, therapy, that money can buy.

Oh, and Aunt Khloe, who is by far the sanest Kardashian.

Demetria L. Lucas is the author of A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-to Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life (Atria) in stores now. Follow her on Twitter @abelleinbk

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  • I think celeb gossip is typically innocent fun, but seriously… why would anyone feel anything negative for Kim and Kanye, their relationship, or pregnancy? It seems to be something healthy for both of them and who are we to judge. Who would be the woman “the world” wants to see Kanye with and we’d approve? What man would “the world” co-sign for Kim? You can’t worry about living your life for anyone other than yourself and they’re doing just that.

    In terms of her still being legally married, I was legally separated and dating during that time. It took a year to finalize my divorce and I don’t feel it was up to anyone to judge how I handled myself during that time. Relationships have long fallen apart once divorce and separation are on the table. The rest is just legalities that can take quite a bit of time to sort out. By no means does that mean you should stop living your life or wait for the ink to dry.

    Yes, I believe there is an order to doing things, but people do stuff “the right way” all the time and it still doesn’t work out for them, so I say live your life! When you know better, do better… and don’t spend time judging others. I hope everyone can invest energy in finding their own happiness and living their best life.

    • OMG

      @ Six Twenty Seven

      Bravo!! I love your comment. I couldn’t have said it better. Love it.

    • Chillyroad

      I liked her with Reggie. She seemed her most genuine with him. He was a nice young man from a nice family but she was just too Hollywood for him. I’d imagine he wanted someone more low key.

    • I agree 100%. It irks me that people are so quick to throw shade at Kim because they think they know all the details of her personal life. I said on twitter the other day that people call Kim a “whore” because they keep tabs on whose she’s dated. She’s a celebrity, her relationships make the news. Other women just make Facebook status changes.

    • EST. 1986

      Misogynistic women and men will take any chance they get to call a woman a derogatory name.

  • Sasha

    My two cents is as followed: it is un-PC of me to think their child is the anti-Christ but that’s just what I believe. In a similar vein, the child didn’t ask to be conceived and at least they’re not aborting it. I hope Kanye will be a great father and that this pregnancy will make him maybe consider getting the therapy he appears to oh so desperately need. As for Kim…well she’s wanted to be a mommy for so long so good for her, hopefully she doesn’t take her parenting cues from her mother.

    • Toni

      Ouch… that last part stung… but very true.

  • Some (not most) black men continue to fall for this “black women are fat, mean, evil, and white and other women are beautiful and demure motif….time will tell with this situation….I have almost completely stopped looking at tv..sick of the disease of celebrity.

    • Toni

      …what exactly does this have to do with anything?

      Trust and believe, no one-black, white, purple or otherwise… thinks Kim Kardashian is demure and the model of womanly perfection.

    • Case and point…Superhead and Kim have probably had the same number of partners..if not the same damn people….Kim is painted as beautiful and a businesswoman while Superhead is known as a whore.

    • AM

      @ Ms.Info,

      Hey mama!!

      Superhead is not the best example in this case scenario to use…….someone else, in my opinion. I don’t know who, but certainly not her.

    • Pseudonym

      Kim doesn’t go by a name such as “Superhead,” and also her rendezvous were with boyfriends.

    • @ Pseudonym…nope, she films it and sells it to Vivid…lol

    • lol @ AM…i couldnt think of someone else…lol…maybe Draya or somebody…?

    • EST. 1986

      Kimberly Kardashian has received way more flack for the sex tape than Ray J. Is it her fault that our society shames women for being sexual and as a result, made her popular for it?

    • Kim benefited from sleeping with Ray J…now she is richer and more famous than he is….he was just another mandingo.

  • cocochanel31

    Kim doesn’t need Kanyes money . At . All . She is the modern day Liz Taylor ..didn’t Liz have seven husbands whoshe started dating when they were both married and whom she married twice ! This Hollywood cesspool of love lust and lies is nothing new . Kim is still married to Kris the male gold digge on paper only .. why doesnt he just sign the papers already . She has clearly moved on hnly reason this rltshp might last bc they were supposedly friends first . I definetly don’t see s kim. as someonewho is deep

    • Liz Taylor actually had a talent other than screwing men…I wouldn’t compare the two….

    • Orange Starr Happy Hunting

      Right and that comparison is highly insulting to Elizabeth Taylor’s memory and legacy. Men had to marry Liz first to access her goods that why all the marriages, so please @ Coco Chanel stop with that wack comparison, that brawd will never be on Liz’s level EVER!!!!

    • p


      You sound like you are in love with this person by your comments on everyoooooooone of the stories about her! Now that shes knocked up, maybe you can get off of her clit now!

      P.S Im not a stalker…just observant.

  • LadyP

    At first, I couldn’t see Kanye being a love interest of Kim’s. Either way, I’m hoping they have a healthy baby.