If you tuned into last night’s “Oprah’s Next Chapter” interview with Cissy Houston, you saw a grieving mother reveal the pain of losing one of her beloved children. Cissy spoke her truth about her daughter, superstar Whitney Houston’s life from the singer’s battle with drugs, rumors of a gay relationship and allegedly abusive relationship with Bobby Brown. Cissy’s memories will live forever in her new emotional memoir, “Remembering Whitney: My Story of Love, Loss, and the Night the Music Stopped” (now available in book stores).

The honest interview captured a mother’s true sadness, compassion and distress when speaking about her only daughter, who once was considered America’s sweetheart. Tears were hard to hold back when Cissy revisited the day she found out Whitney Houston passed:

“My son called me and he was screaming, ‘Mom, Mommy,” “Then, oh God. I said, ‘What is wrong, what’s wrong?’ He just said, ‘Nippy. Nippy. ‘I said, ‘What’s wrong with Nippy?’ (Nippy was the family name) “He said, ‘I don’t know, I can’t go back up ” referring to the hotel room

“They found Nippy.” the son screamed They found her what, what?’ “Houston said. “And I was getting annoyed because he wasn’t telling me anything. “ “He said, ‘Mommy’

I asked, ‘Is she dead?’

‘Yeah, Mommy, she’s dead.’ Gary replied.

And I don’t remember too much else after that.”

Cissy, shaking her head and staring down at the floor, tells of having to handle the heartbreaking news alone. “I was a wreck,” she confessed.

Michael Houston, Whitney’s best friend and older brother, joined his mother and Oprah to talk about his own grief. “I’m living but I’m not alive,” he shared. Notably, he shocked the world when he confessed to exposing his littler sister to drugs. Over the years, many have wrongfully crucified Bobby Brown for introducing the pop princess to a dark life consumed with drug abuse. But Michael’s admission proved that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Michael shared his endless guilt and regret for being his sister’s partner in drug abuse. “It’s something that I have to deal with every single day,” he said.

Another landmark of the show was Ms. Houston’s revelation that she did not approve of Pat and Bobbi Kristina’s interview with Oprah or their reality show, “The Houstons: On Our Own.” She believed that both happened too quickly after Whitney’s passing.

Cissy raised eyebrows when she expressed concern about Bobbi’s wellbeing and admitted that their relationship is “iffy” at times (a fact that Bobbi attributes to her grandmother’s new book).

The interview answered lingering questions about Whitney’s life while capturing the vulnerability and pain of a grieving family. While some believe Oprah was too easy on Cissy and Michael, I think she delivered yet another heartfelt interview that touched viewers’ hearts and held nothing back.

What did you think of Cissy Houston’s sit-down with Oprah, Clutchettes?

-Nikki B.

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