Behind the web walls lies a capacious amount of hidden talent. The trend of black web series is growing rapidly as the internet has become an endless playground for producing quality content outside of reality TV and Tyler Perry’s world.

Of course, top billing goes to our favorite awkward black girl who is receiving highly acclaimed reviews for the break-through web series: Mis-Adventures of the Awkward Black Girl. Two seasons in, the internet streets are still humming its praises, and as one of the first outlets to fall in love, we still can’t get enough. ABG has inspired a number of web series to follow its path toward greatness and in honor of Black History Month, here at Clutch, we’re casting the spotlight on a few that have broadened the view and scope of African-American life onscreen:

1. Venus Vs. Mars

Venus vs. Mars is the sassy Carrie Bradshaw spin-off to grace the web series world. While enjoying the sexiness of UK accents, the series follows the life of Venus, a young black accountant, who solves problems for a living, but has trouble cracking the complex equation to her own love life. Venus embarks on a journey to find her “Prince Charming,” but in doing so, she kisses a few frogs and revisits some past failed relationships.

No different from the average woman who goes through bad breakups and regrettable involvements, Venus is simpatico to the modern woman in this determined search for true love. Will she ever find it?

Missing out? Check out the trailer here:

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