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Natural hair blogger Nikki Walton’s new book, Better Than Good Hair, has already been coined a go-to natural hair bible. Walton, who is affectionately known in the natural hair community as Curly Nikki, has spent the last four years helping women transition from wearing chemically processed hair to their natural curls on her blog.

However, Better than Good Hair is not just for naturalists. Lets take a look at 5 hair tips all women of color can learn from Curly Nikki’s new book.

1. How to Defend Your Hair Choices

Better Than Good Hair is a book on how to maintain and style natural tresses, but even if you have a relaxer the book doesn’t judge. It’s main focus is to provide tips on achieving healthy hair and confidence in your hair choices — whether you rock bone-straight hair, braids, weaves or a picked-out fro.

Many of our hair choices as African-American women are determined by popular culture and fear that our loved ones and/or significant others will not like our new do.

Curly Nikki says going against the grain with your hair choices is one of the “bravest things you will ever do.” For natural girls she writes, “Going natural means facing many of our fears. It also means standing up for ourselves and learning a new skill set.”

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  • Rosey

    Just got this book yesterday, can’t wait to read it!

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  • Thanks for the information. I hadn’t seen this book, but I will definitely check it out. Love what the author said about developing a new skill set to go natural–yes, sometimes is takes all that! I’ve been wearing my hair natural for years now (okay, I’ve been wearing it COMPLETELY natural for a year or so, before that I had a texturizer), and if I could get my hair to look as good as some of these photos I’d be thrilled to death.

  • Stephanie

    What I really appreciate about Curly Nikki is her not making girls who choose to go from natural to relaxed/with relaxed hair feel like some kind of un-enlightened ‘other.’ I was reluctant about her book before but seeing what Clutch found I’m more open to giving it a go!

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