Air Dry

We need to be careful applying heat to our hair in general, but especially in the winter which can be brutal because of the chilly winds outside and the dry temps inside. Air-drying relaxed hair is a supreme option for retaining hair length, but it does take some patience. Natural ladies fair much better with air-drying, however even they can be subject to breakage due to overstretched tresses.

The moisture and hair health you maintain over a short amount of time will be shocking, so it’s definitely worth the effort.

1. Stay With It. You have to use this air-drying method consistently to see significant change. Air-drying every three, four, or five weeks is not going to help your hair.

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  • IslandgirlDesi

    Hmmmm….. I’ve tried to air dry my hair and it doesn’t come out smooth. I must be doing something wrong. I rarely use heat except when I blow dry (low heat) and run the flat iron (maybe twice a week) through my hair. Maybe I’m stuck in the mindset of silky straight hair and lack the patient to do it right. I will try it again and this time I will be more patient.

  • MissyL

    A trick I use and my stylist uses is hair mousse. After I have dried my hair I will put hair oil on it first and then mousse on the edges and then a little on my ends. I then pull my hair in a ponytail for a few hours then I take it out and let it air dry. It always keeps my edges straight even when its time for a relaxer.

  • Chelley5483

    Airdrying is my everyday go-to style. Cowash everyday, throw some Nexxus Diametress conditioner through my hair, seal with olive oil, scrunch and roll out lol. I prefer my hair to be straight but I rather it be long. When I flat-ironed, I couldn’t get my hair to grow past armpit/bra strap length without having to chop it off and start all over again. Those blowdryers and flat irons are tricky, your hair looks good until.. it doesn’t. Then you find yourself at the hairstylist that needs to cut 4 inches of fried hair off your head. No ma’am.


  • I air dry most of the time, and I also add a spray of the pro naturals moroccan argan oil hair treatment, which makes my hair shine =)