7 Valentine's Day Ideas for the Fly, Single Girls

Public service announcement: not all single girls are ugly and depressed with low self-esteem. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and believe it or not, we can celebrate just like everyone else. Why would we miss an opportunity to pamper ourselves and have a good time?

So, to all the single, sexy ladies, there’s no need to be bitter this love season. Here are 7 ways to enjoy yourself and turn up your single girl swag this Valentines Day!

1. Have a Spa Day
Just because you don’t have a man to pamper you doesn’t mean you can’t hire someone else to do it. Leave work early, get a manicure and pedicure, and enjoy an evening to the spa.

2. Splurge on Yourself
You have no one the please but yourself, so take the money you would spend on a gift and SPLURG! Send yourself a bouquet of your favorite flowers, order lavish take out and buy yourself those pair of too-expensive shoes. Why not?

3. Party with the Girls
Have a Valentine’s Day party with your best girlfriends. Play board games, sing karaoke, eat good food and share your funniest love stories. The only stipulation is you have to dress up, heels and all. Come in your best little back dress, for if you are feeling spunky, something red-hot.

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  • Nakia

    Live life as usual for me with these exceptions: Enjoy and return all of the texts from my non-romantic loved ones (that think of me every year single or not) and the chocolate-covered strawberries or whatever that my bestie of 20 years is sure to send to my workplace, be thankful to be loved by those who do, out of the bad relationship of old and creeping out of the unfulfilling long distance one that is lingering and then get to bed…I have a major presentation on Friday and no time to be worried with bs. One year, I sent old-school valentines to all my friends and family and it was so fun. It ain’t got to be about romantic love.

  • lauryn

    I’m especially in love with me, so I’ll be purchasing a pair of shoes tomorrow afternoon. To me, from me, love me.

    • Chelley5483

      Nice idea!

  • how can you party with your girls when they all have a man? LOL #foreveralone

  • deeeeeeeeee

    Being single can be a beautiful thing ladies. No need to be sad and hide yourselves today. We are all loved regardless and when you have that confidence and faith that one day you will have a significant other to share your love that makes this single period rewarding. And isn’t it nice to see other people in love too? We should be happy for them. This is coming from a single 22 year old that has never been asked out a day in her life. So Have a nice day ladies and treat yourself the best way you know how. :) P.S. one thing I like to do is wear some cute lingerie even tho I know it will never be seen. It just makes you feel nice. And I also wrote a vday card to my self filled with positive self affirmations and reminders. Try that too!