UNCA college sophomore at the University of North Carolina is facing potential expulsion after speaking publicly about her rape and her institution’s lack of response. Landen Gambill will face UNC’s “Honor Court” for being “disruptive” and “intimidating” her rapist by sharing her sexual assault story according to Think Progress.

Gambill has spoken with the media about the lapses in UNC’s rape-reporting hierarchy. She told the Daily Tarheel that reporting her assault to campus police made her feel victimized. “They made it seem like my assault was completely my fault,” she said.

The rape has been spotlighted in a case alleged against the school by a former assistant dean, who’s accusing UNC of under-reporting sexual assaults. It is one of three cases the dean is using as evidence in his claim. Gambill’s inclusion in the case may result in her expulsion.

She received a formal accusation from UNC’s  “Honor Court” on Feb. 22. It read:

“Accordingly, you are being charged with the following Honor Code violation(s):

II.C.1.c. – Disruptive or intimidating behavior that willfully abuses, disparages, or otherwise interferes with another (other than on the basis of protected classifications identified and addressed in the University’s Policy on Prohibited Harassment and Discrimination) so as to adversely affect their academic pursuits, opportunities for University employment, participation in University-sponsored extracurricular activities, or opportunities to benefit from other aspects of University Life.

This decision was reached because the evidence provides a reasonable basis to believe that a violation of the Honor Code may have occurred. Please note that being charged with a violation does not imply guilt. It simply means that sufficient evidence of a possible violation exists to warrant a hearing before the Undergraduate Honor Court.”

Here’s where the issue arises: Gambill has never identified her rapist publicly. He is still a UNC student and lives across the street from her. Situations that protect assailants and highlight victims perpetuate rape culture, according to Jessica Valenti, author of Yes Means Yes. “Rape is a standard result of a culture mired in misogyny, but for whatever reason—denial, self-preservation, sexism—Americans bend over backwards to make excuses for male violence,” she explained to The Nation.

Colleges are a central location for the perpetuation of rape culture. Gambill is just the latest in a series of institutional prejudices against rape victims.

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  • Anthony

    I know campus police have jurisdiction over campus crime, but I think the victim could contact the district attorney and pursue this issue in criminal court, bypassing college. If she did that with help of local activists, she could put the administration over a barrel.

  • kyle

    let me be the first to say, if this was a black woman everyone would cry RACISIM, where are the black woman fighting for this girl????? *crickets crickets crickets

    • ImJustSaying

      Um this isn’t a race issue this is a gender issue.
      WOMEN are supporting her.
      When the issue is racial we will band together for it.

      How about you get the MEN to support her so this can be changed on her campus as well as hundreds of others that have backward and sexist policies about harassment. Just like the constitution most of these policies were made by old (usually white, not that it matters in this case) men and haven’t been amended in years, if not decades.

  • DJ

    Good for her!!! That guy raped the wrong girl this time I hope he gets the punishment he deserves

  • Pat

    You save your entire life for your children to attend college. We hope our daughter’s safety is as much as a concern and priority as receiving a quality education. Unfortunately, these universities will sweep rape charges under the rug to maintain their integrity and keep enrollment up.

    They will protect the athletic programs (more male athletes) because of its economic value. Also colleges with the equivalent size of UNC have a very active Alumni presence, huge monetary contributions, and generational attendees; I think they will protect the accused rapist prior to the women on campus provided that she doesn’t have the same. These institutional board members probably find a lot of excuses or reasons they feel are “legitimate” not to protect the rape victim.

    I commend this young lady very much for speaking out. I believe more incidents such as these are hidden or the victim feels as though they will lose the fight against these huge, very well respected institutions.

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