Queen LatifahWe may not hear her on the radio anymore or see her on the big screen too often, but rest assured the hip hop’s number one queen is always hard at work.

Queen Latifah and her company Flavor Unit Entertainment have just signed a major deal with Netflix for an exclusive licensing agreement for movies in the U.S. Along with business partner Shakim Compere, the first-look deal will give Netflix its pick of Flavor Unit movies that will debut on its subscription service shortly after their theatrical releases.

Beginning in the spring, Netflix subscribers will be able to exclusively watch Flavor Unit titles like House of Bodies, starring Terrence Howard and Peter Fonda and Percentage starring Ving Rhames, Cam’ron and Macy Gray. Ted Sarandos.

Chief Content Officer of Netflix is beyond thrilled to be doing business with the Queen, he says:

“We are delighted to work with Queen Latifah to be the exclusive destination for what are sure to be relevant, entertaining movies. Queen Latifah has a long track record of creating hits and Flavor Unit Entertainment is a fresh and exciting voice in the industry.”

As for Queen Latifah, who is proving to be just as much of a force behind the entertainment scenes as she was in front (who knew she was releasing her own films?!), she had this to say about her lucrative new business move:

“Shakim and I are thrilled to do business with Netflix. Netflix is such a strong brand and the perfect place to showcase our projects.”

Looks like Queen Latifah is doing big things in the business world. Can’t wait to see what her next move is … do your thing Queen!

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  • Kay

    I love Queen Latifah. I’ve loved her music and style since before “U.N.I.T.Y.” She’s so awesome. Oh, and she can sing!! I loved her in “Living Out Loud.” So glad she’s still doing her thing.

  • LolaChi

    Didn’t know she actually had a company named Flavor? lol. Did the name come from Living Single? Congrats girl!

    • Nope, Flavor Unit was a multi-armed entertainment group that was around years before the show. It’s genesis was a crew centered around Mark the 45 King, but Latifah was the breakout artist. She and Shakim eventually took over the name and built it up to what it is now.

  • Fantastico

    Love her!

  • Give it to ’em, Queen!