Never in my lifetime have I seen a First Lady’s butt held under a microscope quite like Michelle Obama’s. The FLOTUS was famously criticized for her “large posterior” by Wisconsin Republican, Rep. F James Sensenbrenner, who later apologized. In the same vein, conservative radio jockey Rush Limbaugh refers to her as Michelle “My Butt” Obama. The latest man to take issue with Michelle Obama’s backside is high school football coach Bob Grisham, who is recorded by one of his students saying “Fat butt Michelle Obama. Look at her. She looks like she weighs 185 or 190. She’s overweight.”

Some may try to explain away the criticism of Mrs. Obama’s posterior as backlash from her “Let’s Move” campaign and focus on healthy living. But our First Lady has covered several fitness magazines, is praised for her toned upper body and has been televised doing consecutive pushups and planting a kitchen garden at the White House. By most standards, she is in great shape especially when one considers she’s nearly 50 years of age.

Naysayers may also cite that Michelle Obama is not the first FLOTUS to be criticized for her appearance. Recently, Hilary Clinton was the subject of several crude remarks for her “cankles.” But why the obsession with Mrs. Obama’s butt?

These negative comments on Michelle Obama’s butt seem steeped in racism. Butts, going back to Hottentot Venus  (a woman from what is now South Africa whose naked body and pronounced posterior were paraded in shows throughout 19th-century Europe according to The Washington Post), are racialized as a symbol of black womanhood and as such, it’s the subject of extreme fascination and criticism. The attacks condemning her butt unsurprisingly come from conservative white men, who may perceive it as an unwelcome reminder of her “otherness.”

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Why the consistent criticism of First Lady Michelle Obama’s posterior? When will it cease?


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  • Paige S.

    “Never in my lifetime have I seen a First Lady’s butt held under a microscope quite like Michelle Obama’s.”

    I don’t think you could see much of it with a microscope.

  • siphelele

    Nonsense, this women look good in everyway, she is beautiful.

  • Bruce

    First let me say I,m glad mochelle is finally happy to be American,but forget that this women is feeding our children meals that get tossed in the trash while her kids have a chef at their private school with an extravagant menu that includes flat bread pizza beef nachos,and crusted tilapia ,rosemary herbed chicken,she,s an arrogant hypocrite that’s living the life of Riley on our dime.Mochelle take your kids and maggot husband and go to Kenya please.

  • Bruce

    And for those of you that consider me a racist because I hate what the Obamas are doing to this country,I recently signed a petition for Dr Ben Carson to run for president so you can shove your racist accusing nonsense where the sun don,t shine.

  • Bruce

    PS.I almost forgot take your freeloading mother and every illegal Obama that may be living in our country.