FacebookAre you willing to sacrifice your privacy for Facebook?

Facebook has just announced that its developing a new app that will let your “friends” and even strangers know where you are at all times. The upcoming smartphone application is social network’s way of making money from its constantly growing list of mobile users.

According the Bloomberg, the app will work in the background of smartphones to help users find nearby friends. Since the app will still run when the phone is not opened, many questions have been raised about privacy rights and how actually Facebook will use this new information.

Set for a mid-March release, reports say the app will help Facebook gather its users whereabouts and daily habits to sell ads.

Last month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the social network has a new need for mobile-based products. “A lot of what we had to do last year was simply to improve our mobile development process,” he said. “The next thing we’re going to do is get really good at building new mobile-first experiences.”

The company also recently revealed its new Graph Search, which allows users to search from the Facebook platform rather than the entire web.

Now the question is: how will users be able to stay private on the new Facebook?

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