travelLet’s keep it real, most of us are not bringing in the big bucks so as much as we love seeing the world, trying to plan that dream vacation can burn a hole in our pockets.

While some people are fortunate enough to fly first class and stay at pricey hotels and luxury resorts, many of us have to travel on a budget and get the biggest bang out of our little bucks.

Ballin’ on a budget isn’t impossible and doesn’t mean that you have to compromise comfort, safety or fun.

Check out these three ways you can take the trip of your dream and still stick to your budget.

Take Note of Peak vs. Off Peak Travel Times

Sure it sounds great to travel to Europe in July, but unless you’ve got about $1000 for the flight alone, budget travel in the summer is a going to be a tough one.

Try traveling during off-peak seasons like fall and winter. The weather might not be warm enough to get your tan on, but the weather may still be just as lovely … and so will the prices.

Just keep your eye on sites like Airfarewatchdog, Kayak Buzz and Skyscanner so you don’t miss deals when they pop up.

Packages Are Your Friend

Traveling solo and creating your own itinerary can be great, but it can also get a bit expensive. Using tour companies can deflect some of the travel costs since they are able to negotiate deals with hotels and airlines.

For example, try FriendlyPlanet.com where for as little as $1200 per person you can hit up places like Costa Rica, Barcelona and even Thailand and your airfare, hotels, tours and even a few meals are included!

I know it sounds too good to be true, but I’ve personally used them a few times for trips with friends and I haven’t had a bad experience yet.

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