Barefoot and BeautifulToday the Renfrew Center kicks off National Disorder Week, and second annual Barefaced and Beautiful, Without and Within campaign in support of survivors and the treatment of eating disorders.

Clutchettes know how fun and creative makeup can be, but it can become a crutch if we allow it. The Barefaced and Beautiful campaign wants us to think about two questions: (1) How often do you go without makeup, and (2) Are you happy in your own skin? Research shows that confidence in our body image prevents feelings of isolation, depression and self-consciousness, which can lead to behaviors, such as addiction and eating disorders.

The campaign gives women a chance to show their natural beauty, while spreading the message of self-acceptance! Snap a photo of yourself sans makeup, and post it to your favorite social media site with the hashtag, #barefacebeauty. Feel like you can’t completely go without? Just take it down a notch to your comfort level, and click.

Are you up for the challenge?

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