url-8 If you’re tired of hearing, seeing, and reading about Mrs. Carter, click the X. Only a few days after her halftime performance at Super Bowl XLVII, the Beyhive is still buzzing, and the perceived “haters” are still talking, but the topic isn’t lip-synching this time.

Perusing Facebook, I saw two posts from two different friends. One was a picture of Beyoncé captioned “Amerika loves a whore.” Why couldn’t she wear pants? I raised my eyebrow and made a mental note to come back to the question.

Following that, a colleague revealed a conversation with his daughter. She’d told him Beyoncé was great during her performance, but why didn’t she have on any clothes? A few friends mentioned that she didn’t ever wear pants, and thankfully, his daughter knew that her attire was inappropriate.

Call me surface level, but I’ve never once given Bey’s attire a second thought. Perhaps, like so many others, she sprinkled her Creole dust on me, making me desensitized to the lack of fabric on her body as she sashayed across the stage. She’s been popping her parts in leotards, ice skater skirts, and glittered mesh for over 10 years, so it’s not a big deal to me.

I’m writing this as a realist, not a fan.

While I’m sensitive to parents who cringe at the thought of their little princesses pointing to the screen and screaming, “Mommy/Daddy, I wanna dress like THAT!”, I don’t understand how or why her attire is an issue now. New fans don’t know her own mother, Tina Knowles, set the tone for her style when she designed Destiny’s Child’s outfits back in 1997. Since then, she’s become a woman, and her clothing has followed suit.

Folks, she’s an entertainer. Putting on a show is her job, and those next-to-nothing ensembles are her costumes while she’s doing it. It’s no different from a cheerleader or dancer in a leotard or a tennis player in a short tennis skirt. Consider it a uniform.

Can she sing in a pair of pants like so many before her? Sure, but did Anita Baker twerk to the best of her abilities to “Sweet Love”? No. If you’ve seen Beyoncé in concert, you know that she dresses according to the song. In a few hours, she dons one-pieces and ball gowns. I’ll eventually forgive her for that angel-winged neglect get-up to “Ava Maria” someday.

My point is this: Expect to see Bey half-naked for atleast another 10 years. Even Tina Turner, at the age of 70, still rocks her miniskirts when she performs because her legs are her physical asset as a performer. These women are in business, and there’s money to be made. You don’t want your children to see Bey’s unmentionables and scantily clad body? Monitor their entertainment habits.

Either way, women will probably continue to wear nothing. The Taylor Swift look doesn’t work for everyone. The stage was set decades ago, as alluring women in entertainment push the envelope with their sex appeal (Hello Madonna. Hello Vanity and Sheila E.). I’m not suggesting that just because it’s common, it should be acceptable to those who disapprove, but I know I’ve seen worse.

Beyoncé covering up when she performs? Don’t hold your breath.

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