The Houston family seems determined to make the late Whitney roll over in her grave. The tension between the family matriarch Cissy Houston and Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina is spilling over into the public realm. The two famously revealed their rift on an episode of “Houstons: On Our Own” where Bobbi describes their relationship as “iffy.” BK has expounded on their conflict on Twitter saying:

“Anything concerning my grandmother’s book, I and @nickgordon of course personally have nothing to do with,” Bobbi wrote on Twitter. “I haven’t read [it] and won’…I find it to be disrespectful to my mother and me being her daughter won’t tolerate it [sic]. […] I KNOW THE TRUTH,” Bobbi-Kristina continued on the social site. “HER…. #Oblivious & #OUTOFLINEWRONG. But it’s all good & nothing but love, MYMOTHER taught ME better than that. (: xO.”

You have to imagine that Whitney also taught her to respect her grandmother and not to air family grievances.

The book, in question, “Remembering Whitney: My Story Of Love, Loss And The Night The Music Stopped” addresses some of the most talked-about challenges in Whitney’s Life, from her marriage to Bobby Brown to her drug use, through the eyes of her mother, Cissy Houston. It’s unfortunate that it’s straining Cissy’s relationship with her granddaughter.

What are your thoughts on Cissy’s book and Bobbi Kristina’s comments, Clutchettes?

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  • I think Cissy Houston made a grave error in writing this book. What has come out more than she perhaps knows is that she has revealed to the world that much of her relationship with her daughter, Whitney Houston, even though they loved one another, was terrible strained to the point where Cissy found her daughter to be an enigma, and in some cases a complete stranger of sorts. Sad indeed!

  • James

    This heffer is sick as hell! If I was Cissy, I would let her ass hit rock bottom. Cissy been through hell with Whitney and Bobbi Kis drug habbits. Cissy too old for this fool who wants to be repeat of her Mother.I can’t stand to see a photo of her looking old as hell!

  • Micheal

    Check out the photo of this hell raiser Bobbi Kistina! She is past sad!!!!!!

  • I don’t understand what is disrespectful about Cissy writing a book. Everyone writes books to share their story, and I wouldn’t be surprised if BK doesn’t come out with a book soon. If she hasn’t read it, she doesn’t know what’s in it aside from all the rumors and talk.

    BK obviously knows about the things going on in her family, but that is no reason to take it to the Twitterverse when most of your followers have no idea what you’re even talking about.

    Get your life together, BK (as if she’s going to read this. ha ha).

  • Tyronicia Miller

    I have looked into both sides of this fence my comment is that Krissy can say what she wants. This is whitney Houston’s mother she has the god giving right to do what ever she wants she was the reason Whitney was successful and she raised whitney into a beautiful woman that she was. Everyone in there life have to make there own decisions and learn their own path in life. Whitney done that and little ms.krissy is doing it now’she said “it’s disrespectful” how so? This is ms. Cissy DAUGHTER!she was her daughter before she became Whitney’s daughter. Whats disrespectful is puting on your dead mothers ring and saying your engaged to a boy that suppose to be your brother! REALLY LITTLE GIRL.Did Bobby buy your mothers ring?Why do you think people are going to stop and roll over for you? You are going to have to deal wirh those feelings and once again stop using whitney as a crutch for everything that you don’t like and don’t go your need to make amends with your grandma she is not going to be around long and you won’t have to worry about a DAM! Book grow up and get over it MS.CISSY is THE MOTHER OF WHITNEY HOUSTON.Whitney houston LOVED her mother,Ms. Krissy you are nothing like whitney you are definitely something different and I’m buying the book.