Shonda R.Attention “Scandal” fans, if you ever meet Shonda Rhimes, never ever refer to her show as a “guilty pleasure”. It’s not a compliment. When you say “guilty pleasure”, Rhimes hears, “hey, your show is crappy”.

The screenwriter/producer told Salon:

“It’s so annoying. It’s like saying the show is a piece of crap but I can’t stop watching it. To me, that’s what a guilty pleasure is. “The Real Housewives” is a guilty pleasure. To me, it’s an insulting thing to say. I would never say that about someone’s show. I think it’s a very insulting thing to say about someone’s show. Calling a show a “guilty pleasure” is like saying “I’m embarrassed to say I watch it but I can’t stop.” That’s not a compliment. That is not a compliment! Then don’t watch it, don’t watch it, please.”

Take note, she just called “The Real Housewives” crap.  I wonder which one she’s referring to, Atlanta or Beverly Hills, because if she was referring to New York, then she’s absolutely correct.

I understand where she’s coming from. My guilty pleasure is Bad Girls Club. I understand how Bad Girls Club is crappy, but sometimes it just pulls me in.  Another guilty pleasure? Probably cookies and cream ice cream. It’s not a guilty pleasure because it tastes crappy, but it becomes a guilty pleasure after you realize you’ve downed a pint of Haagen Dazs in one sitting. The pleasure is the taste, the guilt is the gluttony exhibited by eating the whole thing.

I guess everyone has their own definition of a guilty pleasure. I also can’t recall any of my friends that watch “Scandal” refer to it as one. They’re more like, “Ermahgerd, it’s the greatest show on earth”, not to be confused with Ringling Brothers.

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