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Whitney Houston has always been described as Clive Davis’ protege. Davis groomed Houston at an early age to become a force to be reckoned with. During Houston’s rise to fame, and throughout her rocky life, there was always questions of her sexuality. Even during her public relationships with men, including Bobby Brown, there were always whispers about her possibly being a lesbian. Houston’s former assistant, Robyn Crawford, was the alleged lover in her life.

In his new book, The Soundtrack of My Life, Davis not only opens up about his own bisexuality, but he attempts to put to bed the rumors about Houston’s.  In a recent interview with The Grio, Davis explains how he only knew of the heterosexual relationships Houston was involved in.

“I really saw her in brief relationships with men. I do write that she did have an interim relationship with Jermaine Jackson when he was separated,” Davis said. “I know that she went out with Eddie Murphy for a while until she married Bobby Brown. I only knew of Robyn as her assistant, someone she grew up with, since she was a teenager. I just knew the heterosexual side of Whitney.” In taking a page out of Davis’ own life, I’m sure many people would say they only knew the hetero side of him as well.

I’m still not sure why after all of these years of speculation, it matters what Houston did in her private life. The aspects of her life that were made public, were definitely under constant scrutiny and controversial.  Houston’s personal relationships were of her own, and the only relationship people  got a glimpse into was her marriage and divorce from Bobby Brown. Many people blamed Brown for her drug addiction, but her own brother recently “cleared” Brown of being her enabler. Davis also did the same. “I don’t believe it was Bobby Brown,” Davis revealed. “I think they did have a co-dependent, unhealthy relationship with each other. But I would never point to him. I have no idea who her enabler was.”

In giving his own opinion of Houston’s sexual orientation, do you think Davis is adding more speculation even though he’s attempting to debunk the rumors? At this point, why does it even matter?

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    I could care less about Whitney’s sexuality. Between her lifestyle and now this, resting in peace seems almost impossible for her. Besides that, I really don’t understand why two women who are possibly just best of friends are often rumored as being lesbians. Janet Jackson dealt with this rumor, Oprah and Gayle did, and I’m pretty sure—I’m missing some others.

    I don’t know whether or not if these rumors are true. My point is can’t we love another woman less the lesbian rumors?

    When you have a true best friend, it is easy to love on them. I remember the whispers my best friend and I dealt with in high school. We didn’t care. We are still best friends. I’m sure if either one of us was to have the status of Oprah and Gayle, the rumors would carry on. One minute it’s a problem with black women and sisterhood, but once embraced, now you’re a lesbian. Sort of crazy! The media just need to let this one die down.