chris dorner“Self Preservation is no longer important to me,” were the words in Chris Dorner’s manifesto. “I do not fear death as I died long ago.” But did he die last night as a cabin he allegedly was holed up in went up in flames? According to news sources, no one really knows. Although they’ve discovered charred remains, it could be days before a body or bodies can be identified.

Hours before the “end,” Dorner was in a shootout with game and fish wardens. Subsequently one cop was injured and another one died. Supposedly, he also held two people hostage in a cabin in Big Bear, but seemingly there aren’t any reports whether those people were burned alive or rescued. To say the news and police reports were sketchy would be an understatement.

As I sat watching the live feed of the search and listening to the gunfire exchanged, I knew the police only had one objective. Although there were pleas for Dorner to surrender, they were out to kill. Supposedly, there was a single shot heard before the cabin was set on fire. Set on fire by who you ask? Information about that hasn’t been released as of yet.

Watching the hunt unfold via social media and the news proved two things: 1) Dorner had supporters and people who felt he was justified 2) Police officials would never admit to anything that was going on, until the end when there were reports of them standing around smoking cigarettes watching the cabin go up in flames. Killing people should never be justified, but understanding why someone went off the deep end is easier to understand.

Over the next couple of days, it’ll be interesting to hear the “official’ story of what led to the fire, and if the remains have been identified. In a fire that lasted for over 15 minutes, I’m sure there’s nothing much remaining besides bones and teeth. Yesterday’s events seemed like it was ripped out of an episode of Archer, with the cloak of secrecy in law enforcement, the public may never know what really happened in Big Bear.

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