BloggingBlogging is a digital platform that’s saturated with more men than women. Technorati, a site dedicated to digital media, found that 59 percent of the 160 million existent blogs are headed by men. However, women bloggers, from Necole Bitchie to Good Enough Mother’s Rene Syler, are gaining national recognition for their work. The Internet also boasts hundreds of conferences for women bloggers, including the annual BlogHer conference, designed to insulate women for a weekend of idea swapping and brand building.

But outside of lining wallets and landing fashion bloggers, like Gabi Fresh, in premiere magazines, blogging also serves another purpose for women. It empowers them. The 2012 study “Does Blogging Empower Women? Exploring the Role of Agency and Community”  found that blogs provide women with an extended knowledge of their agency and also enhances their understanding of community.

The study, which was released in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, assigned 214 women students to pen a filter blog, full of personal or issue-related posts and then the researchers manipulated the number of blog visitors and comments. The researchers also surveyed 340 women bloggers.

The research concluded that personal bloggers have an enhanced understanding of community and also experience intense psychological empowerment based on external validation e.g. page visits and comments. Filter bloggers have elevated feelings of agency and also develop a “pulpit mentality,” treating their blog as a publishing platform for reaching other women. In contrast, personal blogger treat their platform as a support group, so comments drive their confidence.

The authors of the study note that psychological empowerment is crucial in shifting negative circumstances and environment. Blogging is clearly positive for women.

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