Jubril AgoroHe’s young, gifted, Black and loves to travel.  During the day entrepreneur Jubril Agoro is what he likes to call the “think outside the box man,” using his skills in marketing and social media to consult with companies on how to do everything from running advertisements, creating catchy consumer videos and growing their business.  But what Jubril loves to do 24/7 is travel the globe.  His YouTube channel is full of videos of his travels to places like Haiti and Thailand and as someone who has come from humble beginnings Jubril knows how much his global experiences have shaped him.  That’s why he is embarking on an ambitious endeavor to take a young person across the globe with him….for free!

For one week over the summer Jubril will fly one person between the ages of 16-24 to meet up with him in whatever random foreign country he’s luxuriating in that day.  No passport?  No worries!  Jubril will be covering all expenses from your passport and flight to lodging and more.  While there, Jubril and a few of his business savvy buddies will school you on how they were able to create their dream jobs and on how you can do the same.  All you have to do to be considered for this once in a lifetime opportunity is watch the video below and email Jubril all the reasons why this opportunity would change your life.

Good luck and see some world! 

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  • Thanks for the love, apprecaite it. Looking forward to it. I am reading all the msgs and getting back to everyone personally. Just taking a bit of time. Appreciate all the kind comments too.

    • Jubril is the most authentic, giving, talented guy around the globe…I know because he has been my business partner for many years…he is part of my family.

      I am so happy to see my “son” my buddy, partner and uncle Bril to my daughter…sharing his love to the world!!

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  • Jdote

    Hello! I’m a student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. This is my second go round at college. The story sounds amazing and I’d love to learn how to live the life I want to live. I’m still searching for my passion and unfortunately I am not getting any younger.

  • The Other Jess

    i hate to be negative about anything involving travel, but i don’t know if i would trust sending a 16 to 20 year old off alone to hang with some random man halfway around the world. And his willingness to pay their tickets makes him seem even more suspicious, a little weird. Unfortunately, until this guy establishes a reputable track record, brand or company, this promo does not seem trustworthy to me.

    • Hi there, I read your post and just wanted to reply. I have know Jubril for 8 years, he has an impecable track record online as a marketing expert, he is an incredible person. My 5 year old has grown up with him traveling and working with our family and I will vouch for his reputation.

      You of course do what makes you comfortable, I just wanted to jump in and give him some credit.

      Way to go Uncle Bril!!

  • John

    I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and find them fascinating but where do i apply to be apart of this, if you or anybody can get back to me on the email address ? Thank You