Lional CampbellA father out of Detroit has been paying child support for his son who died 25 years ago. Lional Campbell’s continues with monthly installments for his son, Michael, and is fighting to be absolved of the duty.

Lional Campbell’s son, Michael, died at the age of 3 from meningitis. Campbell, who is originally from Detroit, currently lives in Kentucky and is completely confused as to why he’s still paying child support.

“It took a lot out of me,” Campbell said of the battle which has become harder given the distance between where he now lives, and proceedings filed in the Wayne County Friend of the Court.

The Detroit courts claim that they were never informed that Michael died, and they blamed it on being inadequately staffed as the reason for the error. According to WXYZ, Campbell thought he was paying child support he owed for an older child born seven years before Michael. That older child is now 34.  Although Campbell requested an audit, he was still told that he owed around $20,000. This is when Campbell decided, after all of these years, to take matters into his own hands. Campbell drove to Detroit, and produced paperwork proving that his son died.

“The lady said ‘how you owe on a child been dead 23 years?’ I said I don’t know and she said we’ll do another audit.”  The court claims that despite the mistake, Campbell still owes $6,460.08, which he denies.  He will order another look into the amount before the government takes his return and puts it towards the balance.

WXYZ reached out to the mother of the deceased child, but she declined to comment.

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  • Mademoiselle

    First, it sounds like the man went 25 years with the state trying to track him down to pay, and only recently found him to be able to garnish his wages. That’s the only reason I see why he’s just now addressing this issue — he owed when the baby was alive, but fled and figured they’d stop looking for him when the baby died. Unfortunately, no one (e.g. the mama who was collecting checks/assistance) reported to the agency that the baby died, so they just kept looking for him.

    Second, it sounds like he has a 34 year old son that he’s in arrears to as well for even longer. Why would you draw attention to yourself with this story knowing you’re not living right? Clear up baby #2, but don’t act like you were blindly paying your dues all these years. Even if you had been, you’d still be indebted to your first son. Ugh. My sympathy for this dude runs very shallow.