Free Speech?  Man Wears KKK Outfit To Protest Street Violence

In this day and age we expect to hear and see many things, but one thing Philadelphia residents didn’t expect to see when they walked down the street recently was a man wearing a KKK uniform. Thirty-five year old Sixx King wore the offensive uniform on the streets of Philly to highlight what he feels is a serious issue in the city, black on black crime.

King feels that his protest will bring to the forefront his belief that African-Americans have killed more of their own people than the KKK and hopes to shed light on “black hypocrisy, complacency and apathy in the African-American community.” Many residents were disgusted by King’s method of protest calling it nonsense and even going as far as saying he should be placed in jail. The main issue many seemed to have with King’s protest, outside of the clearly offensive wardrobe choice, is that his message was being broadcast in an area that doesn’t suffer from black on black crime. King was protesting Downtown Philadelphia, an area where the majority of the residents are white, so how exactly is he targeting African-Americans with his message?

While I don’t agree with his method and I’m not going to side with his facts, I can agree with King that black on black crimes in urban communities are astronomical. We are killing each other off daily for multiple reasons, some tracing back to the oppression we suffered during and after slavery, some just plain old evil and ignorance. Either way I think the validity in King’s message is getting lost simply because the focus is more on the KKK uniform than the message itself.

What do you think about King’s protest method? Do you agree with his beliefs?

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