Girl on The GoBy now we all know that even the most hardcore of health nuts can find working out on a regular day to be a struggle. Some days we stick to our routine, other days the routine gets shot to hell. Now, imagine trying to keep up your fitness routine on an island where everywhere you turn there’s delicious food, sweet treats and someone pushing a fruity drink in your hand? On vacation you’re supposed to be relaxing, so who really has time to be worrying about getting to the hotel gym or free yoga class on the lido deck when there are yummy restaurants to try and margaritas to be had. It’s a vacation for goodness sake! Workout routines tend to go out the window for many of us when we’re traveling, but we can’t let a week of downtime set us back on our fitness goals, we’ve got to get it right and keep it tight even in the middle of paradise. With these three tips you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation and the body you’ve worked so hard for, check them out!

Be Prepared
With the call of adventure and relaxation already screaming in your ear, the last excuse you need to not get your workout on while on vacation is that you don’t have any workout clothes. Traveling with workout clothing can be a visual reminder to stay fit and will motivate you to exercise even when away from home. You can also try bringing a workout that you can do indoors, like a jump rope or your favorite fitness DVD.

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