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  • Tiffy

    While I think the song and video are fine I do say this song should have been given to Robin Thicke its just more in his sound. In reading these comments theyve been making me think of JT in a different light which is kinda hard bc i’ve loved Justin since i saw the Tearin up My Heart video in the 4th grade. Justified was basically the soundtrack to my middle school dance and drama class but when u think abt the Janet fiasco, the fact he does make a point of using black producers and backup singers to manufacture his sound, that damn Ciara video, the fact that he’s always tryna be down yet married Jessica Biel, the way our society operates and the music business operates it is true he is just a wannabe appropriating black music :-( . Well at least I barely pay for mainstream music anyway…

  • GlowBelle

    Justin Timberlake is an arrogant jerk, acts like he’s ‘down’ when it’s convenient for him, and yes, I still didn’t like what happened with the whole Janet/Superbowl fiasco, but I like to separate his persona from his music. On that note, I’m not feeling any of this new music from him. His first two albums were great, but these new songs are real lackluster. I’ve liked Justin since *NSYNC (I WORE out ‘No Strings Attached’ and ‘Justified’ back then!), and usually he brings it…but I think he’s been away too long and it’s starting to show with these dated songs.

  • Shay

    Justin always had a lil flava to him (listen to the first NSync and No Strings Attached cds) and I remember when he rocked cornrows at the MTV Movie Awards (was it ’00 or ’01?) I can’t remember, I’m too old. lol.

  • The Other Jess

    Well, I hate it because he is straight trying to copy Michael Jackson’s moves and even clothing style. The black suit with the white socks at the Grammy’s? straight Michael Jackson from Off the Wall. Very annoying.

    Anybody who knows anything about Michael Jackson during his solo “Off the Wall” album days – and later – knows JT is trying real hard to do MJ. Very annoying that he’s such a copy cat. All artists admire and copy each other – MJ loved James Brown and Jackie Wilson’s moves – but MJ gave credit where credit was due. JT is just copying, with no nod to the greats. lus he’s doing it badly.

    I like some JT songs, but this one..not so much..

  • Seriously?

    This is a website for women of color, and yet no one has mentioned the blatant misogyny screaming in this video? Not surprising, unfortunately. We’re always so quick to jump on racial issues as women of color from the appropriation to the white privilege, but how about the fact that our little sisters, cousins, daughters are subjected to videos like this nowadays that portray women next to poles in nearly nothing ( i dont care what 80s movie this is an homage to). The nsync and justified I listened to back in the day was still not that bad.