• Gots2Breal

    Nice video, I love K.Dot with his pointy lil ears! Lol

  • The first thing I notice about Kendrick is that he’s against the grain and unformulaic. Quite refreshing. Love that he used a BLACK girl for his love interest and not the usual racially ambiguous scantily clad booty model. Oh yeah. And the song is cool.

    • kc

      If you’re looking for a “racially ambiguous scantily clad booty model,” check out the video for Backseat Freestyle. Kendrick isn’t always the conscious brother that everyone makes him out to be.

      I do like this song a lot, though, especially Drake’s verse.

    • bq

      You said it yourself. People make Kendrick out to be the conscious rapper. He’s never claimed that and even said he wasn’t that.

  • I love the chocolate girl in this video. She is gorgeous. & I LOVE that she kept her clothes on…& her hair OUT OF HER FACE!! idk much about Kendrick Lamar’s other videos (haven’t seen them) but it is really refreshing to see a director showcase beauty beyond the curves and same old racially ambiguous woman. lol & its funny how they HAD to slide in a nekked girl for drakes verse. (lol at least she was passed out!!)

    But seriously who is this girl starring int he video???