ron-kronenbergerBeing a landlord isn’t easy. Making sure your mortgage gets paid sometimes depends on whether your tenants pay the rent. So I know how this guy in Ohio feels. But needless to say, the  former “Citizen of The Year” went too far. Fifty three-year old Ron Kronenberger, of Waynesville, was charged with assault after he went batshit crazy on his tenant and whooped his ass for being late on the rent.  No, really, he did. With a belt. The 29-year-old tenant was in the hole for $2,800.

Kronenberger’s excuse for going ham on that tenant’s ass?

Well simple.

“If you’re going to act like a child, I’m going to treat you like one,” Kronenberger was quoted in the police report as telling the tenant before striking him four times with a belt. The report said the belt left “little marks.”


What’s crazy about this story is that the tenant took the beating and did nothing in return. The tenant told police that he submitted to the whipping because he was “scared” and “wanted to get it over with.”

I guess landlord and tenant court would have been too much of the right thing to do.

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