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Lena Dunham inadvertently found herself in the middle of a race debate after Lisa Lampanelli tweeted a picture of the twosome with the caption: “Me and my nigga @LenaDunham of @HBOGirls — I love this beyotch!!”

Lampanelli’s tweet set off a firestorm of criticism by Twitter users and writers, prompting her to eventually address it. Rather than apologizing or recognizing the historical significance of the word, Lampanelli justified her caption using her history of envelope-pushing comedy routines and the fact that her use of the N-word ended in -a instead of -er. Blank stare.

Many found Lampanelli’s response to be just as infuriating as Lena Dunham’s. While Lampanelli seems determined to shove her foot completely up her mouth, Lena is conversely silent which some view as complicit.

After a writer from XOJane, Shayla Pierce confronted Lena about her silence, she responded:

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For some, Lena’s solicited response is too little, too late. This isn’t Lena’s first public struggle with race. She was heavily criticized for the all-white cast of HBO’s “Girls,” the hit series for which she is the writer, director and lead actress. Lena apologized profusely for the oversight and casted a sole black face as her fleeting Republican boyfriend in Season Two to add diversity.

Many feel this is another strike for Lena when it comes to race relations while others think since Lena didn’t send the offending tweet, she shouldn’t have felt pressure to respond.

What are your thoughts on Lena’s silence and her solicited response, Clutchettes?


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  1. loopy

    Let’s please let that gopher looking girl be great! She did what she wanted to do, just let it go. No one should want to be on that show anyway

  2. I’m beginning to think these bloggers create these controversy for hits. The twitter exchange was a obvious ploy for attention, and it worked.

  3. Why would Lena Dunham have to acknowledge a comment that somebody else said! All she did was take a picture with a comedian. The comedian chose to make a comment. So Lena has to release a statement because of what came out of someone else’s mouth? Unbelievable. And the nerve to blanket her with the “race relations” argument because she said nothing about a comment that she DIDN’T say. And what response should she have given? An “I’m sorry” won’t suffice because she isn’t the culprit. So once again, what do you want her to say?!

  4. Actually this is not an either/or proposition. We need to learn to multitask efficiently.

    Looking inward (at some of us) and outward (at some of them). We used to know how to do this but the digital media seems to dictate where we go first.

  5. Annoyed.

    GO away.