• Deb

    Nasty Gal’s lookbooks have been on point lately.
    I especially loved their Summer Lookbook with Ajak Deng (I love her too!)


    I love the shapes, colors and textures of the various swimsuits. Very impressed!

  • @ Deb

    I was thinking the same thing. i’d love to learn from the person responsible for turning their website/clothing selection ALL THE WAY AROUND. I’ve been following this company for years partly because they were from N. Cali (now relocated to L.A.) and because they merged punk/thrift with killer shoes.

    I really love the fresh look of their lookbooks. They are just a fest for the eyes.

    Like I said…I’d like to read the bio of the person responsible for keeping the soul of the company but editing the clothing line enough to bring more women to the site.

  • Lo

    I’ve always loved their stuff but never purchased anything. Can anyone speak to the quality of the clothes?

    • Nicky

      The clothing comes from a range of high-quality clothing designers, like Betsey Johnson for instance. So yeah, their shizz is on point.

  • Mademoiselle

    I would definitely rock the blue low-cut wet suit to go surfing.

  • WhatIThink