Photo Credit: Michael Rowe

Photo Credit: Michael Rowe

For the past 12 years, Mary Mary has given us hits like “God in Me,” “Heaven,” and “Shackles (Praise You).” The gospel-singing duo has won numerous awards and achieved success not only in the gospel world, but on urban radio and TV.

As one of the few gospel groups to go mainstream, Mary Mary’s fans were sad to hear about break-up rumors that began to circulate in December 2012.

In an interview with ESSENCE.com, the Campbell sisters set the record straight, revealing that the break up rumors are false.

“I will say this, we are not breaking up,” Erica Atkins-Campbell said. “But we’re taking a break.”

Erica said the sisters will be taking a hiatus to work on individual goals and  reconnect with God.

“I’m going to do some solo music. Tina’s going to vacation and travel the world,” she said. “We’ve been joined at the hip the last 12 years and I think in order for us both to be our healthiest selves, just as women, in the group, [we will] take some time to think and re-assess. We’ve been going constantly year after year, baby after baby, tour after tour and now season after season on TV.”

She continued, “We’re singing about Christ, we’re singing about God. I can’t sing about God and I’m not taking the time to talk to God.”

Although fans do not have a new Mary Mary album to look forward to, Erica is planning to release a solo album and the sisters will still make appearances together throughout the year.

Do you think time apart will be beneficial for Mary Mary?

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