Barack Obama, Michelle ObamaNot only do you have to have a certain amount of poise as the First Lady, but you also need thick skin and a sense of humor to deal with the public ridicule. Needless to say, Michelle Obama has both, at least to the public eye.

During a Skype interview with talk show host Rachael Ray, the Flotus joked that her bangs were the result of a midlife crisis. She unveiled her new ‘do last month on her 49th birthday, right before President Obama’s inauguration.

“This is my midlife crisis: the bangs,” Obama said. “I couldn’t get a sports car. They won’t let me bungee-jump. So instead, I cut my bangs.”

Of course she could have been joking.  But whatever the case may be, sometimes it feels good to do something spontaneous.  Spontaneous can be a new hairstyle, or my version of spontaneity that included buying a new cherry red Mustang and parasailing 600 feet in South Beach last year.

On top of discussing her new hairstyle, Michelle spoke about her favorite Oscar nominees. Her favorites included Lincoln, Argo and Beasts of the Southern Wild.

“This has been a great year in movies, so I don’t think we can have a loser,” Obama said.

Michelle Obama’s interview with Rachael Ray is set to air on Wednesday, February 20th. Check your local listings for times.

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