Workout at Home

We’ve all heard people say they can’t work out because they don’t have time to go to the gym or they don’t have any equipment. Well, in an effort to stick to our resolutions this year, especially after eating all that V-Day candy, Clutch is going to help you cut out the excuses!  No matter whether you live in a cramped apartment or a mansion, or whether you work in a large office or a cubicle, these workouts can be done anywhere and will provide the full body treatment you need.  Let’s get it!

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  • The Comment

    Also ladies/gentlemen. The playground gives you the best work out EVER! Use the swings, monkey bars, climb thru those tunnels. Go to youtube and type in playground workouts! Have fun!

  • ChaCha1

    Just got through working out–ran 3 miles and then did pushups & situps. I’ll try the 1st exercise tomorrow.

  • SL

    Definitely gonna try the excercises – I walk on my treadmill 2 miles/day. I have a Total Gym too for strength. Biggest change for me is having let go of the bread, diary, meat (I each fish and tofu/veggie patties) and sugar. I met a guy at Costco who thought I was 11yrs younger than I am….gave me the added encouragement to stick to it. My husband became a vegetarian in college and has tried over the years to get me to become one. I’m not ready for that just yet, but maybe one day.

  • Fa

    I’ve been gym-less off and on the last year and I’ve kept in good shape with power yoga and vinyasa yoga sessions from youtube. also has the best monthly challenges- this month is the 100 workout. It’s deadly and I already feel results. Get creative!

  • SL

    Wow, here’s a topic that would really help the community – yet no one wants to talk about it. Very telling.