Most women would shy away from the idea of cutting and coloring their hair on a whim but not Rihanna. The singer is a veritable style chameleon, moving seamlessly from long wavy ombre hair to short razor-sharp cuts.

There’s something so brave and daring about navigating different looks and feeling beautiful no matter the style. We can become so attached to our hair — the length, the color, the bangs, the layers — that we are scared to venture out and explore looks that push us out of our comfort zone. On the contrary, Rih is free from that sense of restraint and her hair is simply a way for her to flex her creative muscles.

Rihanna emanates a sense of independence and self-assurance because she’s at home with every look she so confidently rocks. From short and black to curly and red, Rih is unwaveringly comfortable in her own skin, proving that hair doesn’t make the woman but is merely an accessory for us to change at will.

If you look over Rih’s hair repertoire, she’s flaunted long, short and shoulder-length styles in a myriad of colors from black to red to blonde. Each look signifies a mood, a vibe, a moment in her career or a message that she wants to convey, making her hair the ultimate form of self-expression.

Frequent hair changes aren’t for everyone but it’s so inspiring to see someone own their many hairstyles with freedom, confidence and creativity.

Check out a few of her looks here!

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