As President Obama moves into the second term of his presidency, he says, he’s keeping his legacy in mind with each decision. In a recent interview with ABC, he revealed that he wants to be known as a president with a diverse cabinet.

“One of my highest priorities as an administration, particularly in my second term, because now I’m thinking about legacy, is to make sure that we are identifying talent from every walk of life, from every ethnic group, so that the next president will see how big a pool there is of talent out there, that can serve and wants to serve in a presidential administration,” he said.

As the nation’s first African-American president, Obama said he desires to include more blacks, Latinos and women among his top officials.

“We’re going to redouble our efforts to recruit talented and gifted Latinos that come from every walk of life,” he said. “It comes from academia, it comes from elected officials. It comes from foundations and non-for profits. Maybe some will come from the media.”

The commander-in-chief has received criticism for ignoring Black and Hispanic candidates in the past, including over the last weeks when he hired white males for chief of staff, defense secretary, treasury secretary and secretary of state.

Despite the criticism, Obama’s aides have noted his administration’s diversity, including Director of Domestic Policy Cecilia Munoz, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and Sonia Sotomayor, the first openly gay Hispanic woman to serve on the federal bench.

What do you think of Obama’s efforts to diversify his cabinet? What type of legacy do you think this will leave?

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  • ArabellaMichaela

    The Cabinet is all white. President Obama, either consciously or unconsciously, seems to distance himself from black people, except for his Chicago crew. Disproportionately, Black people, of all social strata, are doing badly, and losing whatever “wealth” they had pre-Obama. Obama is oblivious to this. His presidency is, in my view as a New Yorker, analogous to the mayoralty of David Dinkins in New York, which was characterized by ” not alarming white people.” The result was a missed opportunity to help his own people, blacks. What Dinkins and Obama did not realize is the first rule of politics in America is you help your own, first. Obama says he is president “of all the people.” White politicians say this too. But, they rarely mean it. In New York, where I live, the current Mayor ( a Jewish man) and the current governor( an Italian man) have, appointed and enriched people in their own homogeneous ethnic/racial group, and have done so blatantly. Obama has done nothing for black people, not even federal jobs.
    Obama needs to know the reality is white people aren’t really going to like you anyway. ( Recall that most white men did not even vote for him. They will “tolerate” you as long as you don’t favor your own the way they give preferential treatment to their own, everyday. Obama is the perfect president for the white community. Unfortunately, he is presiding over the decline and fall of the black middle class. His presidency will go down in history with that very “black mark” unless he changes in his second term.

  • ArabellaMichaela

    And lastly, it’s not about sacrificing ability and competence to help your own group, blacks. The fact is there is never just one person who can do a job well. There are always others who can do the job. It’s a question of whom the president “wants” to choose. Obama “chooses” like any random white CEO. There are only a few token blacks among his choices. Why not give black talent a chance and put blacks in the “pipeline,” en masse?
    That’s what he’s really there for. Why else did we need him? If he wont do it, nobody will. People definitely “notice” what he’s doing.

    Unfortunately, Obama does not seem to see this, or ignores it.
    And when his presidency ends, I don’t think it will be remembered fondly by blacks, unless he changes course.

  • taylor

    Sonia Sotomayor is not gay nor is she openly gay. She is liberal and gay friendly but she does not self identify as a lesbian.