As President Obama moves into the second term of his presidency, he says, he’s keeping his legacy in mind with each decision. In a recent interview with ABC, he revealed that he wants to be known as a president with a diverse cabinet.

“One of my highest priorities as an administration, particularly in my second term, because now I’m thinking about legacy, is to make sure that we are identifying talent from every walk of life, from every ethnic group, so that the next president will see how big a pool there is of talent out there, that can serve and wants to serve in a presidential administration,” he said.

As the nation’s first African-American president, Obama said he desires to include more blacks, Latinos and women among his top officials.

“We’re going to redouble our efforts to recruit talented and gifted Latinos that come from every walk of life,” he said. “It comes from academia, it comes from elected officials. It comes from foundations and non-for profits. Maybe some will come from the media.”

The commander-in-chief has received criticism for ignoring Black and Hispanic candidates in the past, including over the last weeks when he hired white males for chief of staff, defense secretary, treasury secretary and secretary of state.

Despite the criticism, Obama’s aides have noted his administration’s diversity, including Director of Domestic Policy Cecilia Munoz, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and Sonia Sotomayor, the first openly gay Hispanic woman to serve on the federal bench.

What do you think of Obama’s efforts to diversify his cabinet? What type of legacy do you think this will leave?

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