HeartIt’s one of the most lovey dovey days of the year.  Restaurants are filled with couples, stores are hawking cuddly bears and calorie busting chocolates and red roses are being sold by the shopping cart.  While many of us live for this day, there are some, single or not, who dread Valentine’s Day with a passion.  Instead of welcoming all the mushy times, many of us would simply love nothing more than to get away from it all and spend most of our time imagining that we’re on the furthest reaches of the globe.

During my Bah V-Day moments I imagined myself running away to Amsterdam to stuff myself with stroopwafels or in Dublin bar drowning my sorrows in a cold Guinness.  Surely other out there have just felt like running away to some exotic land and lying low until cupid and his little arrow go back to wherever the hell they came from.  I know someone out there feels me on this soooo….

What far off place would be your refuge from V-Day and why?  Are you escaping to somewhere cupid fee this year?

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  • bijoux

    I don’t understand this mentality of “escaping” the day or “weathering the storm” kinda thing. I’ve noticed society makes single people feel like they should be miserable or “hide” till Valentine’s day is over. You make this sh*t sound like a state of emergency for single folk.


    Someone wrote on my TL this morning, “shoutout to the Single b*tces, it’s okay to be bitter.” What?

    Listen ladies, if you’re single on Valentine’s day It is perfectly okay. You are not an outcast, miserable nor bitter. It is not a day to feel bad. Like, the day doesn’t make you an irrelevant or invalid. You don’t have to escape to “a Dublin bar drowning in sorrows.” Most importantly, don’t let these other chicks get to you. If ever, today is the day to check your confidence.

    Also, if you are in a relationship, that’s awesome but don’t down the other chick for being single or without a valentine. Valentines day is not happy day for couples and sad day for singles. That idea has to stop.

    By the way, how about all that candy on sale tomorrow? Don’t miss out y’all. 50% off!!!

    • LOL all of this especially at the 50% off on the candy and cutesy decor…lol honestly Valentine’s day doesn’t faze me I don’t get the big deal if you are single on Valentine’s day or in a relationship on Valentine’s day.If you want to be festive and celebrate it that is okay but if you don’t want too that is okay too. All of this making people feel bad or seeing it as something you need to escape is a bit too much.

    • The Moon in the Sky

      “shoutout to the Single b*tces, it’s okay to be bitter.”

      Comments like that are the reason I try not to log into Facebook around this time. There are always a bunch of hateful comments toward women. Those same comments are never directed toward men.

  • jrmint

    Me and the homie aren’t escaping valentine’s day, but since we are single we will be making a trip to strip club tonight. We thought it was the right thing to do!