Where exactly do the boundaries lie in this hip hop realm? And better yet, why hasn’t someone grabbed the white chalk to draw that line and label it “ Do Not Cross”?

The hip hop industry is known to breed artists that trigger and spark controversy, using their given platform to release untamed rants and showcase obscure antics. We get it: you’re a total badass, a rebel who overvalues the first amendment but at some point, you have to take responsibility for your words and the many people you offend while spewing obscenity-laced verbal diarrhea.

Lil Wayne and Kanye West have made headlines this past week for their lack of censorship or even more so “lack of f#*ks.” By now, we are completely un-phased by the breakdowns of Ye, but recently he took to his audience in London to publicly slander and disrespect yet another president.

If that is not enough, Wayne is moving the meter in pop culture attacking the Miami Heat. In a video that went viral recently, Weezy is boasting about being from the “streets” and sleeping with player, Chris Bosh’s wife. This misogyny comes after the disgusting line in a rap song where he compared mediocre sex to the brutal and racist killing of teenage Emmett Til.

Apparently, respect has become an aloof and foreign concept since rappers feel comfortable enough to step out and publicly slander historic figures and other peoples wives. The fact that Wayne remains silent on the controversy revolving around his headlining lyrics also propels us to believe that rappers have a propensity to speak freely yet abandon responsibility when it comes to facing the outcome.

The younger generations are parrots to these rappers, repeating their every word, and mimicking what they perceive to be “cool.” As much influence as parents have in molding a child to understand right from wrong, rappers and their music can still hold a lasting impression. It makes me yearn for the days where artists like Harry Belafonte and Marvin Gaye used their platform to encourage social change and uplift our communities; now, it appears these rappers prefer to dumb down listeners, disrespect our history and degrade women.

Should Lil Wayne and Kanye be held responsible for their words? Have the rants gone too far, Clutchettes?

-Nikki B.

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