Todd Kincannon, a former top GOP official in South Carolina, wants to know why people won’t let him make a fool of himself on social media in peace. The lawyer, who once served as executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party, mocked impoverished victims of Hurricane Katrina and the death of unarmed 17 year-old teenager, Trayvon Martin, during the Superbowl. And yet he’s the one that feels he’s being attacked.

Kincannon tweeted the following, before he was met with a flurry of critical responses:

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Rather than own how offensive his comments were, Kincannon is turning the spotlight on his critics, saying: “If you say something that’s borderline offensive or if it is offensive, the people that attack you and say just the awfulest [sic] things about you, they do the very thing that they accuse you of.”

He went on to say: “I think it is time for a conversation in this country about why a conservative isn’t allowed to state an opinion that other people happen to disagree with, without having death threats and being threatened with all kinds of various ridiculous things,” he continued. “This is real problem we have. People talk about political discourse in this country — you might think what I said was tasteless, you’re welcome to. But should I get death threats as a result of it?”

Kincannon also attempted to excuse his highly-offensive remarks by hiding under the guise of humor:
“I think a lot of people need to learn how to take a joke and I’ll leave it at that.”

The fact that Kincannon sees no wrong in making dead teenagers and natural disaster victims the butt of a joke is deplorable in and of itself. By pointing the finger at critics who responded aggressively to him, Kincannon is only trying to direct attention away from how racist and offensive his tweets were.

What do you think of Todd Kincannon’s comments, Clutchettes? Does he have a point about the aggressive responses of some of his critics?

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