Britni DanielleThis thing called life ain’t easy.  Many of us wake up each day dreaming of the day we will be able to pursue our true passions and wondering if the day-to-day we’re living is all there is to life.  We struggle with how to break through the chains that bind and leap head first into the life of our dreams.  We know where we want to go, just not how to get there and the uncertainty of what lies ahead keeps many of us from making that dream a reality.

If that sounds like you, then trust that you’re not alone, Clutch Magazine’s own Britni Danielle has been there.  As a teacher in the California school system she dreamed of one day being able to quit her job and follow her passion for writing full time, but struggled with how to make her dream happen.  The journey wasn’t easy, but after taking a leap of faith Britni is now living the life she was always meant to writing for publications like Clutch and Jet Magazine full-time.  Britni was able to break out of her box and step into her dream and now, in her first e-book Break Out of Your Box she’s giving you the steps so that you can do it too!

At just 30-pages this free e-book is a clear, concise guide that will help you start on the path to completely transforming your life into what you want it to be.  Break Out of Your Box will show you how to get clear about your vision, network with others who will support your dream, give yourself concrete deadlines, set measurable goals to achieve your dream,  overcome the need to be perfect and even provide you with resources to get you started on your journey.

If you’re feeling that now is the time for you to get “brave enough to live your most awesome, awe-inspiring life,” then head over to BritniDanielle.com/break-out-of-your-box and download, for free, this inspiring, insightful and motivational book that will set you on the path to living the life you deserve  today!

Clutchettes are you ready to Break Out of Your Box?

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